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Win a Ride on the FEVRE DREAM

Lord Pat of the Hot List is doing it again, aided and abetted by Bill Schafer and the good folks at Subterranean Press.

Pat is running another one of his infamous contests, this one for a copy of the signed, numbered limited edition of my historical horror novel, FEVRE DREAM. Like all the books SubPress puts out, this will be a gorgeous example of the bookmaker's art, and it's lavishly illustrated by Justin Sweet, who has painted the cover and three more full color plates and done a bunch of gorgeous pen and inks for the interior as well. Abner and Joshua have never looked so good.

To win your free copy of FEVRE DREAM, head on over to Pat's Fantasy Hotlist at

And if you'd rather not take your chances with a contest and would rather just buy yourself a copy of the book, you can do that at Subterranean's website:

And remember, always keep your steam up.


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