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The Amazing Maisie

If you weren't at the Jean Cocteau Cinema on Monday night, you missed out on all the fun.

We had a great day.  People started lining up as the sun was coming up, and the queue grew longer all day.  We sent out coffee and donuts to make sure no one froze or starved to death while waiting in line.  Doors opened at 6:00, with the show starting at 7:00pm, but Maisie Williams and the wolves turned up at 5:00 or so to meet the fans.  Maisie is amazing... not only a talented young actress, but a delight in person.  I think she spoke to everyone in line, signed their books and Funko Pop dolls, posed for pictures.   Not everyone got into the theatre, alas, but everyone in line got to meet Maisie...

 ... and the wolves. Flurry and Zorro, the wolf ambassadors from Wild Spirit, were great hits as well.




Maisie is on her way back to LA now... but I think she liked Santa Fe, and one day we hope to have her back again.

Meanwhile, the GOT marathon continues next Monday night at the Jean Cocteau.  Next time we will be screening episodes nine and ten from season one -- "Baelor" and "Fire and Blood."  And we'll be joined by executive producers and showrunners DAVID BENIOFF and D.B. WEISS, who will be Skyping in after the episodes to answer your questions.

Line up early.  It's sure to be another epic crowd.


Jan. 23rd, 2014 07:12 pm (UTC)
As a long-time fan of the books, (I'm one of those who waited all those years for every book release) it's truly wonderful to see the explosive popularity of the books and the HBO show. You deserve every bit of this popularity, George. Congratulations!

I think the show is just fabulous. I could easily be one of those die-hard, this-wasn't-how-it-happened-in-the-books kind of guy, but I just can't do it. The show is just that good, even the deviations from the text. I think it has fully captured the "spirit", if you will, of the text.

I anxiously await the release of Season 3 on Blu-Ray and the soon to be here season 4 opening episode.

And that next book, of course. But I'm very patient. Dance was exquisitely good and I'll patiently wait 10 more years for the next book if that's what happens. There are, after all, five massive volumes already here and I haven't memorized them all yet.

Edited at 2014-01-23 07:27 pm (UTC)


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