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A New New Trailer

HBO unveiled another season 4 trailer while I was off in New York City for the red-carpet premiere at Lincoln Center and the Epic Fan Experience in Brooklyn.  Most of you have likely seen this one already, on one of the fan sites, but for those who haven't, here 'tis.

It was a great trip, by the way.  New York City remains amazing, and in between all the official events, I found time for a pizza crawl through Brooklyn, and a visit to Bayonne, city of my birth.

More on all this later, if I ever find the time.


Mar. 27th, 2014 11:47 pm (UTC)
The fourth season starts on my birthday, and try as I might I cannot think what to say when my friends ask me what I would like, since the best present of all is already coming. I might ask them for new copies of the books, I've read them too many times and 1-4 are starting to feel the strain of their years of service. These books have given me strength through the beautiful characters, they have sparked my fondness of languages and literature all over again and they have given me a place to hide when the world I live in is so difficult to understand. In the high halls and narrow alleyways of Kings Landing, under the shade of the Great Pyramid of Meereen, beyond the Wall in the frozen forests of the wildlings my mundane troubles leave me be for a time, and I could not be more grateful. I know thousands and thousands of people have said this all time and again, excuse me for being such a donkey, but I had to write this. I have no words to describe how much the stories of these people have inspired me, they are awesome in the actual meaning of the word.

With the utmost respect and love,
Mother of Ferrets (I swear, dragons might be easier)

Edited at 2014-03-27 11:49 pm (UTC)


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