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And Speaking of Great Art...

... I'm pleased to announce that the good folks at Subterranean Press have signed award-winning artist Tom Kidd to illustrate their signed, numbered, limited edition of SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH, the Jack Vance tribute anthology that I'm co-editing with Gardner Dozois.

In addition to the cover painting, Kidd will also provide a full-page interior illustration for each of the twenty-one original stories that we'll be including in the book. Tom is already hard at work, and has just sent us a rough sketch of his proposed cover, evocative and mysterious and perfect for the Dying Earth. Gardner and I can hardly wait to see the painting. Once that's done, Kidd will move right on to the interior illustrations.

Those of you who follow the world of science fiction and fantasy art will already be familiar with Kidd's work, of course. Those who are not can get a taste by visiting his website at

The book is coming together nicely, by the way. We've already got stories in from Robert Silverberg and Terry Dowling, and expect more soon. For a hardcore Vance fanatic like me, it was a thrill to return to the Dying Earth, one of the most original and seminal worlds in all of contemporary fantasy, and an inspiration to me and countless other writers.
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