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May. 10th, 2014 11:42 am (UTC)
Your Epos found the way to Europe/Austria and Im bound
First of all, sorry for my English.
I finished know the last book (5. book)and I want you to make a big compliment for your writing for fire and ice, In Austria the split the books, so we have 10 books for reading, it is not often that a so long Story are fascinating, I read all 10 Book in all my free time when I can, and I must say it not comes boring at all, since the weel of time from Robert Jordan was also a great story but sometimes you think he good let the many many details and Comes slowly to the end.

Normaly I not like storys about kings and wars but the combination with the mystic it becomes realy the X-Factor, since only by fantasy you know always that in not real but when you read your books you can feel it nearly true. It was very smart from you to combinate it so you get much more a big amount of fans, since of one hand the people who likes kings, wars, knight and of the other hand the people who loves the mystic and fantasy.

Maybe you not want to hear it, but I hope you read it:
You know self as best sice you create the Starks that this family have the most sympathy and always when somebody die, you think no please not again a good person, but of the other hand you know exactly also the world is not only white and it´s need also the black site.
I was hoping until the end that at least Jon Snow because he his a bastard and he would never on a normal way could get higher like a Comand for his black brothers and so stay the bastard how he born. He have to a good character and proud that he was taking the possibility from King Stanis. But it must realy always the sympatic and best people die? I was hoping, because he is a warg and a big too, that he would help Dany to handle the dragons with his spirit and that the come also 1 husband of here, since she must have 2 husband for 3 Dragons how I read and understand. Maybe you give Victorian to a husband since he have the magic hupe , but he I not a good/sympathic guy and Dany take enough duty when she must married a old blood von Meeren. It would be so nice when Mellisandre would help Jon Snow so that he not die and he continue his way since he can´t go back to his black brothers.

I know this is your great story and sure a many people told you something, but still it would be fine and fantastic when one nice young sympatic Man from the beginning would stay alive and would be honored for his good character so that the world get a littel bit better.

At the end I wish you good patient, still many fantastic ideas to continue your books and also when I cant wait to read I found it good that you let you time, only so will continue your fantanstic epos from fire and ice still in Quality and you get also in the history from the real world ;-)

So many greeting from Austria Veronika


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