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A Rare Treat

 I've missed some great films at the Cocteau these past two months while I've been globehopping.

 But I'm home now, and we have some terrific offerings coming up at Santa Fe's hometown movie theatre in the weeks to come...  starting this Sunday, when we'll be screening Richard Donner's LADYHAWKE.   Not only one of the greatest fantasy films ever made (ignore that bloody soundtrack please), but one of the great romances as well.

 And for all the fans and cinephiles and aspiring screenwriters out there, we have a very special treat:  LADYHAWKE will be introduced by Santa Fe's own ED KHMURA, the film's screenwriter, who will talk about how the movie came to be, and the challenges of making it.


LADYHAWKE will screen on Sunday, starting at 6:30.

Come join Ed and me and Melinda Snodgrass, and (on the silver screen) Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer, and Matthew Broderick,  sample a great fantasy, and enjoy one of our specialty cocktails and New Mexico's best popcorn at the Jean Cocteau.


Brad Buckles
Sep. 4th, 2014 03:15 pm (UTC)
I visited Angel Fire last week on vacation and made the scenic drive to Santa Fe to visit the Jean Cocteau. It's a lovely theater, albeit much smaller than I thought it would be.

I didn't get to try the popcorn, because the concessions were closed (it was early afternoon). However, I was able to view the art of Jodi and Dean Balsamo, as well as the collection of A Song of Ice and Fire inspired coins.

I have to admit that I was secretly hoping for a GRRM sighting, but I knew that you were probably still out of town. I can't imagine what I would have expressed to you (other than "thanks" with a panicked look on my face).

Having said that, I would like to thank you for the story you are telling and will tell. The tale of Tyrion, Arya, Brienne, and many (many) others has brought much joy to my own life, but it doesn't end there. Many of my friends and family have also been drinking the Nightshade. In particular, it's been a source of many meaningful conversations with my father. As a result, we've become much closer in the past year.

Thank you!


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