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NFL Week One

The Jets won and the Giants lost, but I can't even say the glass is half full.

The Jets win was over the Oakland Raiders.  A lot of the commentators on the sports channels seem to think the Raiders may be the worst team in the league this year... and yet the Jets bared squeaked out the win.  Their defense looked stout, and they dominated, but the offense kept shooting themselves in the foot.  WAY too many penalties, and while Geno had his moments, he also had two fumbles and an interception, which suggests he going to be a turnover machine once again.  I am still not certain that the Jets have a quarterback.  Gang Green won this week, but the schedule gets a lot harder in the weeks to come, and if Geno keeps turning over the ball at that rate, we aren't going to win many more games.

As for the G-Men, those people I quoted above who think the Raiders may be the worst team in the league obviously did not see the Giants lose to the Lions tonight.  What a debacle.  The new offense... well, no one seemed to be on the same page, and Eli threw two INTs... part of which was the confusion, and part of which was the O line, which gave him no protection.  No running game to speak of either, and none of the Giants wideouts seemed to want to catch the ball, not even Victor Cruz.

This could be a very long season.  I'll watch, of course.  I'm a fan, and that's what a true fan does, no matter how painful it gets.  But I don't promise to post every week about Sunday's games.  I am too busy and too tired, and somehow what started out as fun became a sort of obligation, so... I will post when I have something to say.

At least the Cowboys and the Patriots both lost.  THAT was fun. 



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Sep. 9th, 2014 06:22 am (UTC)
As a Raiders Fan...
If instead of rooting for the Jets and Giants you focus instead on rooting against the Patriots and Cowboys, I predict you'll be in for a surprisingly fun season.
Sep. 9th, 2014 07:53 am (UTC)
Giants :(
Watched the Giants as well, very depressing.

The offense seemed to pick up steam in the 2nd quarter when they went no huddle and Eli out of the shot gun, then for whatever reason they went away from that in the 2nd half.

The tight end Larry Donnell actually surprised me, will be nice if he can develop into a reliable passing option.

The defense showed some nice flashes at times, but too many break downs in the passing game (and especially on 3rd and long), and I think they were tired later in the game. Hopefully we'll see some improvement as the year progresses (not holding my breath).

Edited at 2014-09-09 08:21 am (UTC)
Sep. 9th, 2014 08:25 am (UTC)
I'm a Falcons fan and a Georgia Tech fan. Megatron was awesome. Arguably the greatest receiver ever. Wins are looking rather iffy for the New York teams this year. Much like post season wins for Atlanta. Championships are for other cities. Except for the 1995 Braves, they're an almost extinct species in Atlanta. For all the suffering of some teams, there are worse. You could be a Falcons fan or a Cubs fan. Heartbreak comes sooner or later for them. "Wait til next year" becomes a decades long refrain. The Cowboys suck and New England may suffer as well. Take solace where it may be found. For me, New Orleans lost. Happy, happy, joy, joy!
Sep. 9th, 2014 11:33 am (UTC)
And the Pats lost to the Dolphins. Even better!!
Aitor Moragas
Sep. 9th, 2014 12:12 pm (UTC)
Week one?
I don´t have any knowledge about NFL but I would say it could be similar to other sports.

If it is indeed week one, you need not worry yet. Putting structures in place, especially when they involve several people working at the same time in a high demanding environment, takes time. Where you stand in week one is not as important as where are you going or even what potential you have.

Keep cool. Stay positive. If the glass is not even half full, then the good news is that still there is room for a lot of water.
Curtis A. DeBaun IV
Sep. 9th, 2014 01:48 pm (UTC)
Haha....I was also glad to see the Patriots lose, as a Colts fan it almost made up for our loss against the Broncos. The Bears lost as well, which almost made Sunday the perfect football day for me.....
Sep. 9th, 2014 02:01 pm (UTC)
Probably time to look into the Over/Under on which week of the season the Jets shift from Geno to Vick. The AFC East looks like it could potentially do a 180 and again become a formidable division. The Bills able to go into Chicago and beat the Bears. Dolphins pass rush dominated the Patriots and anytime a team has a defense like the Jets' no one is going to want to face them.
Alexander Pendergrass
Sep. 9th, 2014 02:04 pm (UTC)
Go Lions!
I doubt you'll remember this, but at ConCarolinas, I mentioned to you that I was a fan of the Detroit Lions. To which you said that the Lannister lions were doing a bit better off. Here's hoping last night was the beginning of Detroit's rise! (How great is Calvin Johnson?)
Sep. 9th, 2014 02:18 pm (UTC)
Evil Bill
As a long suffering Buffalo Bills fan, it warms the heart to see the Patriots last in the division! Hopefully they keep on losing.
Sep. 9th, 2014 03:17 pm (UTC)
At least the Cowboys and the Patriots both lost. THAT was fun.
Brad Buckles
Sep. 9th, 2014 04:01 pm (UTC)
No Excuses
As a recovering Romo apologist, my natural tendency is to blame anyone and everyone other than Tony for the poor performance by the 'Boys. This week, #9 has nowhere to hide.

Much like Eli in his game, Romo was rarely ever on the same page as his receivers. Some say it is the limited reps he had with them in the offseason, due to his recovery from back surgery. I don't buy it.

Much like Favre, who is presumably wearing Wrangler jeans at this very moment, Tony continues to make the type of bonehead plays you'd expect from a rookie QB, not a 34 year old veteran. "Throw it away, Tony!" I yelled, as he lobbed a gift into triple coverage in the end zone. "Throw it away, Tony!" I yelled, as he held onto the ball and was sacked by Justin Smith. "Throw it away, Tony!" I yelled, as he ate three Wendy's Baconators back-to-back-to-back after the game.

Love them or hate them, the Cowboys continue to be must-watch tv. I must also be a true fan, because I will continue watching, regardless of what they are: 0-1, going on 0-2.
Sep. 9th, 2014 04:06 pm (UTC)
I missed the Jets game because I'm now living in Florida. From the little I caught on NFL Redzone I thought they did better than you described. Ouch.

Victor always has one or two of these games each of his seasons so far. It's baffling. The offensive line were definitely up against it. From what I've seen of this new offense, I don't like it. The Giants don't have the personnel. I don't know why these young coordinators always over complicate their schemes when they get their first shot. We saw Sean Payton do that when he was with the Giants too. Hopefully they will grow into it and have a strong second half. The first half of the season looks like it will be painful.

You've spoiled us. I enjoy your NFL posts almost as much as your stories and I do miss them when you are busy. I enjoy relaxing (that seems like the wrong word when it comes to the Giants and Jets) with the NFL games so I suppose I'll have to allow you the same leisure(again, maybe the wrong word).
Sep. 9th, 2014 04:12 pm (UTC)
Bleeding blue...
At least I have those Super Bowl videos to look at over and over... for the next few years until the great quarterback in the sky delivers us another overachiever.

Eli may have been the best player on the field yesterday... so we have problems.
Patrick Wagner
Sep. 9th, 2014 04:16 pm (UTC)
As a Patriots fan...
Not scoring any points in the second half was a bold strategy by Bill, it didn't pay off : /. I'm also sorry your teams aren't doing very well even though I don't like them.
Sep. 9th, 2014 04:28 pm (UTC)
You think my Niners have a shot against the vaunted Seahawks this year, George?
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