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New York, New York... and Providence Too

October has arrived, the leaves are turning, and I am headed east.

The U.S. hardcover of THE WORLD OF ICE & F IRE is scheduled for release on October 28, and Bantam is bringing me to New York to help launch it.

WOIAF cover

I will be making an appearance on the Seth Meyers show on Tuesday, October 28 and doing an event at the 92nd street Y with Laura Miller on Sunday,October 26.


Tickets for the latter are still available, but they are going fast, so if you want one, move quickly. I will be signing a thousand copies of THE WORLD OF ICE & FIRE for the Y, and the ticket price will include the autographed book.

((Sorry, no plans for other signings while in the city)).

I will also be turning up in Providence, Rhode Island on this trip. Brown University is honoring me with the Harris Literary Collection Award, and I'll be attending a dinner there on October 23 to accept. My friend Tom Doherty, esteemed publisher of Tor Books, is also being honored. It will be a real delight to share the journey, and the moment, with Tom. Brown students will have first dibs on tickets to that one, I am told... I'll add a link here as soon as I have one.

((Never been to Providence before, aside from speeding through it on the Acela. If I have time, I will try to make a pilgrimage to H.P. Lovecraft's grave, which I believe is required of anyone who has ever written horror)).


Oct. 2nd, 2014 01:56 pm (UTC)
While visiting Providence some years ago, my husband and I along with my brother and sis-in-law went on an HP Lovecraft walk, treading the same streets as he had almost a century before. We found the walk online, I'm sure you can just Google it if you have the time to walk (some parts are quite hilly, as I recall). We actually needed some people from the local library (or museum, I forget now) to help us locate a memorial plaque - there is a marker, but it's in a quite obscure place and some of the people who helped us didn't themselves already know where it was! Worth it, definitely, but you might have to hunt around a little to find it.

Edited at 2014-10-03 08:06 pm (UTC)


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