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Had a great time last weekend at the Santa Fe Concorso, the biggest auto show in the southwest. I love old cars (our family never had enough money to own a car when I was a kid, so I walked and rode the bus and assembled plastic models of cars when other kids were building fighter planes), and there were some amazing ones on display.

The best of show can be seen on the Concorso's website, here:


Beautiful cars, no doubt, though there were so many on display that I would have been hard pressed to pick if I had been a judge.

I did take pictures of some of my own personal favorites.

iphone downloads 412
iphone downloads 410
iphone downloads 404
iphone downloads 401
iphone downloads 391

Those were all cool -- especially that 300SL Gullwing, a car I loved when it was only a plastic model on my desk in 1962. Got to love that Tucker too. I mean, hell, a Tucker.

The BEST part of the weekend, though, was the Concorso invited me to exhibit my own new wheels, a custom-painted Tesla Model S.

iphone downloads 376
iphone downloads 379

I am pleased to say that my Tesla was the hit of the electric car division (not that the Volt and the Leaf that flanked me provided much competition), and always seemed to have a curious crowd around it.

FWIW, I bought the Tesla a couple of months ago, but with my recent trips to France, Switzerland, San Diego, Scotland, England, and LA, I have hardly had time to drive her. Something I am looking forward to doing over the next few months. But, yes, she's gorgeous, she's comfortable, and she goes like a bat out of hell.

(And yes, I still have my old Mazda RX-7 too. What can I say? I hang on to things. And it won't be long until that RX-7 is old enough to count as an antique too).


Oct. 5th, 2014 02:58 am (UTC)
Badass rides all (including yours, truly a machine worthy of the name). Can't believe there was a Tucker there, they've fascinated me since I read about Leland Gaunt's Tucker Talisman in Stephen King's Needful Things (I know the Talisman was never actually made but still).

Question: what's the car in the third picture with eagle/hawk/whatever type bird for the hood ornament? Makes for one hell of a modern day sigil.

You ever consider collecting classic cars, give Clive Cussler a run for his money?
Steven Sidore
Oct. 8th, 2014 09:27 am (UTC)
That hood ornament
I believe that's this baby, a DuPont: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/1929-lalique-glass-eagles-head-hood-ornament-jack-pumphrey.html


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