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Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

So, who likes dinosaurs?

What, all of you?  Well, of course.  I mean, who doesn't like dinosaurs!

I fell in love with them as a kid, on my first visit to the Museum of Natural History in New York City.  I had a great collection of toy dinosaurs back then (long since lost, alas -- unlike my spacemen, who I hung onto).  I used to make them fight my toy knights.   I never thought to write up those adventures, however (I did write up stories about the space pirates, however -- also lost, alack alas).

My friend Vic Milan was smarter.  His new novel, THE DINOSAUR LORDS, will be out next June.  First of a trilogy.  It's got dinosaurs, and it's got knights.  What more can you ask?  (And why the hell didn't I think of it first??)  For those of you who don't know him, Victor Milan has been one of my Wild Cards mainstays since the very beginning, back in 1987, the creator of Cap'n Trips, the Harlem Hammer, Mackie Messer. and more.   THE DINOSAUR LORDS is his best book yet... and damn, but Tor gave him a KICKASS cover:


Be sure and check out DINOSAUR LORDS when it hits the shelves in June... or better yet, pre-order.

And speaking of dinosaurs, a couple of other friends also have a cool dinosaur Kickstarter going.  Tess Kissinger and Bob Walters , old friends from Philadelphia, have a great dinosaur book out as well.


Bob Walters has been one of the world's leading dinosaur artists for decades, and the book is full of his gorgeous art.

(No knights, though).

And he and Tess have a new dream as well:  THE DINOSAUR CHANNEL.

But I will let them tell you all about it themselves, on their Kickstarter page:

Cool cause, and some cool incentives as well.  Check it out.


Ronald Grimsson
Nov. 8th, 2014 01:07 am (UTC)
If not knights and dinosaurs, what about cowboys and dinosaurs?

2000AD had a comic called Flesh in the late 70, created by Pat Mills, about future cowboys who have trouble with dinosaurs (million years later Judge Dredd would meet some cloned versions).

Also strange that another writer mentions his love for dinosaurs on his blog just now. Philip Reeve (Mortal Engines) just mention some of the same: http://philipreeve.blogspot.no/2014/11/my-first-favourite-book.html

I remember dinosaurs making an impact on me as well when I was a child and got a small book about them. But they are not the only prehistoric animals that are fascinating.

In the late Devonian, we had primitive amphibians like Acanthostega and Ichthyostega which were more like fish with limbs and a neck rather than real tetrapods.

After the late Devonian extinction, the only surviving amphibians were those who were terrestrial as adults. Later forms that spent most or all of their time as adults in the water would be secondary aquatic.

The first part of the Carboniferous was really the age of the amphibians. Unlike today's forms, many were huge with massive and heavy ossified skeletons.

Judging by the fossils, there were three dominating groups of amphibians (in addition to some smaller, more primitive and less successful groups):

Reptiliomorpha (Diadectomorpha and the ancestors to today's reptiles, birds and mammals)

Lepospondyli. For the most part smaller forms.

Temnospondyls. A very diverse group with the largest amphibians that has ever lived.

The temnospondyls, the reptiles and the ancestors to present day amphibians were the only terrestrial vertebrates that survived the massive Permian extinction 250 million years ago.


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