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George R.R. Martin

More Signed Books

Hmmmm.... that went well... those 14 signed hardcovers of DANGEROUS WOMEN went in a few hours, my team at the Cocteau tells me.  So let's go ahead and offer a few more autographed books.

We have seventeen remaining copies in stock of Dennis Lehane's novel THE DROP, signed by the author.


Price is $24.99.  Add $15 S+H (media mail) or $25 S+H (priority mail).

We also have twenty-two copies of Anne Perry's mystery novel, DEATH ON BLACKHEATH, available in hardcover.


Those are $27, plus S+H as above.

And I will include another of my own titles as well.  We have the long out-of-print Meisha Merlin hardcover of TUF VOYAGING (with wonderful interior art by Janet Aulisio, and a cover by Michael Komarck) available in two states, a trade hardcover and a slipcased limited.


The trade hardcover sells for $30, the slipcased limited edition for $120.  Plus $15 S+H for media mail, $25 S+H for priority.

All orders should be placed with the Jean Cocteau via PayPal at

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