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A Sickly Shade of Green

We,, the Jets blew another one.

 For reasons that defy human understanding, Geno Smith was restored as starting quarterback tonight.  Since Smith seems to be an interception machine who completes more passes to the opponents than his own receivers, Rex Ryan wisely declined to let him throw, and went with an old-fashioned ground-and-pound running game to shove the ball down Miami's throat.

 It almost worked.  Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson, and Percy Harvin all ran well, Gang Green dominated time of possession and took an early lead, running up huge yardage numbers on the ground.  Since Geno wasn't passing, there were no back-breaking turnovers.  All through the first half, nothing the Dolphins did seemed to stop the Jets' running attack.  Seven men in the box, eight men in the box, nine men in the box...  And the Jets D was shutting down the Dolphin offense too.

 But yards aren't points, and long drives are worthless if they don't end in touchdowns, or at least field goals.  For all the Jets dominance, their lead was never very big.  And in the second half, of course, the wheels came off.  The usually reliable Nick Folk missed two field goals, the Jets D dropped two sure interceptions, there were untimely penalties, breakdowns on special teams... and whenever Geno was called upon to pass, the result was incompletions.  In the final minutes of the game, Miami went ahead.

But there were still almost two minutes left.  The Jets still had a chance.  All they had to do was move into field goal range.  But that mean Geno would have to pass.  The game was on the line, so of course... sack, incompletion, interception.  Game over.

Rex, Rex, Rex, you deserve better.  The good players on the team deserve better.  The fans deserve better.

Geno Smith is a bust.  Michael Vick is done.  Sit them down.


Is he the answer?  Hell, I don't know.  But he's the only other quarterback on the roster besides Vick and Smith, and he sure can't be any worse than what Geno showed last night, or in that Buffalo game I attended when I was in New York.  And if he has even half the guts and smarts and arm of his father, he might even win a few of these last games.

Maybe he doesn't.  Maybe he'll lose them all.  That would tell us something too.  Then we'd know the Jets had no starting-calibre QBs on the roster, and we can try and draft that kid from Oregon next season.



Dec. 2nd, 2014 05:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Rex is Done
Rex is the best coach the Jets have had since Parcells. But he needs players. Itzik is a disaster at GM.
Ray Feighery
Dec. 2nd, 2014 08:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Rex is Done
I've found myself questioning that a bit. While he's still no Brady Sanchez is doing markedly better in Philly than NY and you would have to think that points towards coaching.

Based on the roster moves the Jets have made and knowing Iztak's pedigree it seems from the outside looking in that there is some Ownership interference with the GM. You can see how well that's worked in Oakland for the last decade.
Robert Ferguson
Dec. 3rd, 2014 10:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Rex is Done
Damning with faint praise... Mangini, Edwards, Groh? Rex is a buffoon. He ruined Sanchez with his coaching and has no clue how to run an offense. Also for being a defensive genius, his team is gashed -- repeatedly. He also mishandled the entire Tebow fiasco.

If the Jets are smart (and I doubt it), they will clean house next year and go hard after Jim Harbaugh.


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