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Signed Books For Xmas

Okay... at long last...

 I can't reopen the "Signed Book" page on my website.  I no longer have the time to answer the emails or fill all the orders.  But for all of you who have  been asking for autographed books, we do now have a way to fill your requests... through the bookstore at the Jean Cocteau Cinema.  The site is now up and running.

If you would like signed books, as Christmas presents, or for your own collection, you will find a selection at:

Check it out.

And yes, we will be adding more books, including titles by many other writers, to the site over time.  But what is there now is all we have to offer at the moment, alas.  And only so long as the supply lasts.

And please note:  these books are all autographed (some of the anthologies may even include multiple signatures, if you're lucky).  They are not, and cannot be, personally inscribed.  Sorry, we can no longer provide that service.  Please don't ask us to make an exception in your case.  Yes, we know, it's Christmas, it's for a birthday, for an anniversary, for a graduation present... but lots of my fans have birthdays and anniversaries and graduations, and once we reopen that door...

Merry Xmas.  Happy New Year's.  Good reading to all, and to all a good book.
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