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Home Alone

Has it really been more than a month since my last update? Hard to believe. Sometimes I don't know where the days go.

Parris flew off to Ireland a few weeks ago for a well-deserved vacation, and left me here chained to the computer to work on A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. Very cruel of her, I must say, but I am getting some writing done, so I suppose it worked. All the same, the two houses seem very empty without her. More so since we are moving all the furnishings and most of the Stuff out of the main house so we can finally begin our long-planned and much-postponed renovations, which I fully expect to make my life a living hell for the next four months. Emptying the place out has been a major project in and of itself. It is staggering how much Stuff we have. Rooms and rooms and rooms of Stuff, books and clothes and books and furniture and books and music(vinyl) and books and music (CDs) and books and keepsakes and books and mementos and books and more clothing and books and more furnishings and books and... my unread shelf alone filled twenty-two boxes. (And those are just MY unread books, Parris has her own). I have enough unread books to keep me reading for several decades. I never need to buy another book. But somehow I suspect I will.

The end is almost in sight, though. We've filled up three storage lockers, and I am now living mostly in my "office house," across the street from the main house. It's crammed to the gills and chaotic, needless to say, but I suppose I am lucky. Not everybody has a second house across the street to take refuge in while their home is being renovated. Checking into a hotel for four months might be more pleasant in some regards, but I doubt that I'd be able to get much work done in a hotel room, so I'll just grit my teeth and keep repeating, "It will be over in four months, it will be over in four months."

Lots of other stuff going on that I can't talk about yet... but do keep an eye on my news page. There are some exciting projects coming down the pike that I expect to be able to announce shortly. (I never like to announce anything until the contracts are signed. Superstition, I suppose, but it has served me in good stead. It's embarrassing to tell the world about some exciting new deal or book or spin-off, and then have the thing fall apart on you).

Oh, and I suppose you want to know how the DANCE is coming? Work continues. I finished the revisions on the Jon Snow chapters that I was talking about last month, and moved on to Tyrion for a while, but just now I am working on a new viewpoint character, and a chapter set in steamy harbor of Old Volantis. Where I shall be returning, first thing tomorrow.


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Jul. 10th, 2006 08:25 pm (UTC)
A second house during renovations IS lucky.
I feel your pain as far as renovaions go, but I don't think either of us has room to complain. I was forced to make a sudden move back to my homestate last year, and was temporarily staying with my grandmother who graciously took me in while I looked for work, and got back on my feet. Also staying at her house was my father who was going through a rather abrupt divorce. So she has two house guests in a two bedroom house with one bathroom that was not in service while the bathroom was being redone. We all had to yell to the painter when needing to get from the front door, past the tarps, to the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, or bathroom. At this point the painter would shut off the paint gun, step out of what looked like a space suit, move a tarp out of the way, and unlock the deadbolt to let one or all of us in. Had there been a second house, I assure you we would have all been thanking out lucky stars. As it was, the three of us would sit in the tarp enclosed kitchen early in the early hours of the morning and plan a frontal assault to take over the neighbors house. I don't know if that's any concillation or not, but I thought it might at least give you a laugh.

Jul. 11th, 2006 02:42 am (UTC)
big fan of the song
please give us another sample chapter
Jul. 12th, 2006 06:55 pm (UTC)
The Jets Draft Picks?
Mr. Martin, no comment on the Jets' Draft Picks? I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Jul. 14th, 2006 07:11 am (UTC)
Re: The Jets Draft Picks?
I like the Jets' draft picks. Offensive linemen will never be the glamor pick, but in the long run they have a lot to do with a team's success or failure. WIthout a good offensive line, your running back has no holes to run through and your quarterback has no time to throw.

Of course, these are the Jets. Their draft history is the stuff of legend. They could have had Dan Marino, but they picked Ken O'Brien. They could have had Emmett Smith, but they picked Blair Thomas. They could have had Warren Sapp, but they picked Kyle Brady.

The real question for the Jets this year is whether Chad Pennington can make it back from two shoulder surgeries. I'm rooting for him, myself. I like Chad, and in 2002 he was as good as any quarterback in football.
Jul. 19th, 2006 05:11 pm (UTC)
Re: The Jets Draft Picks?
George - you'll love this - video of previous Jets draft blunders:

Jul. 18th, 2006 08:59 am (UTC)
Concerning your chapters.
I regret to say I don't attend Cons, so I will most likely never meet you in person to ask these few questions. I just discovered this non-blog and thought I would ask them here instead. I have often wondered how it is that you make the chapters of your "A Song of Ice and Fire" books flow like scenes in a movie whilst jumping from character to character. It is perhaps my favorite style of chapter formatting I have read in the fantasy genre. I have often wondered how you make the broad stroke of the story and then decide to use certain characters to tell it. The deft technique of drawing many characters over many timelines and many miles (in the novel of course) into a nexus is what really blows me away every time I read the series (I reread it every time there is a new book...just to refresh my memory). In this post I noted that you work on/revise one character for a time and then move onto another. This confused me a bit because there is often a large gap in time between characters and their chapters. So I went over the first book and only read Eddard's chapters to see how you could possibly think out the chapters/timelines that far in advance. I cannot divine your method. Do you write a massive amount of material and then go back and remove bits? Do you actually write it out character/chapter by character/chapter and then fine tune the individual character entries later? Did you know what the endgame was going to be and who was going to be a major player or does it just come out organically and you work around a loose outline? Thanks for the brilliant novels and for your time.
Oct. 11th, 2006 07:17 pm (UTC)
oh my god. jon snow chapters. tyrion. and the golden company was on their way to volantis after they broke their contract with myr. my fingertips are tingling.

i'm halfway through feast of crows, on my second time through the series, and it's killing me not knowing what's happening with tyrion and varys, and daenerys, and jon snow.

by the way, i can't believe you're on livejournal, though at the same time i'm not sure why it surprises me. probably because you occupy the realm of 'celebrity', aka modern-day royalty, which, as we all know, is a separate and distinct reality from the one the rest of us inhabit. but be that as it may, i'm adding you to my friends' list!
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