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Marathon Time!

Yes, we're doing it again.

February begins Marathon Month at the Jean Cocteau Cinema. We may not boast the colossal screens of IMAX theatres, but we do have a pretty cool medium-sized screen, bigger than your TV sets, and we'll be presenting the entire fourth season of GAME OF THRONES on it, starting February 17.

We did think of showing all of the first four seasons, but that's forty hours of television, and we would have needed to start around Thanksgiving if we wanted weekly screenings. So we decided to restrict ourselves to a single season this time around. We ran the first three seasons last year, after all. And there's plenty of spectacular fun to be had in season four.

You remember:

We'll be showing two episodes a week, on Tuesday nights, for five weeks. The schedule:

TUESDAY February 17 episodes 401 & 402
TUESDAY February 24 episodes 403 & 404
TUESDAY March 3 episodes 405 & 406
TUESDAY March 10 episodes 407 & 408
TUESDAY March 17 episodes 409 & 410

Wherever possible, we will also feature cast members, writers, and directors answering audience questions after the episodes... most via Skype, but we are hoping to arrange some personal appearances as well. Sibel Kekilli and Pedro Pascal have already agreed to Skype in with us. More to come.

The bad news is, sorry, you cannot buy tickets for these shows. The good news is, ALL SCREENINGS ARE FREE. First come, first seated will be the rule, just like it was last year... and do recall, the Cocteau has only 125 - 130 seats. We expect every one to be filled. Last year we had people lining up before the sun rose.

Of course, we will have plenty of GAME OF THRONES merchandise for sale... along with signed books... special Westeros-themed cocktails... and our justly famous buttered popcorn.

See you there, I hope!


Feb. 6th, 2015 05:06 am (UTC)
Misinterpretation of Jane Johnson
The first time I posted this I think it was marked as spam because of all the links, so I'm reposting it without the links in case it didn't get through.

Based on Jane Johnson's recent comments that TWoW is not currently on the schedule for 2015, it's being widely (mis)reported that she's confirmed that it can't or won't be published in 2015. Considering that as far as she or we know, you could hand the book in any day now and it certainly wouldn't take over a year to get onto shelves, she can't accurately make that statement, nor did she intend to.

Unfortunately, unlike the silly, fraudulent Star Wars articles on clickbait sites masquerading as news sources and journalism, this is being misinterpreted and published on major news sites such as Forbes and BBC, as well as numerous widely-read entertainment news sites. I didn't know if you were aware how much this statement has been misinterpreted or if you or Jane wanted to make any further statement or clarification, so I thought I'd let you know just in case.
Feb. 6th, 2015 05:26 am (UTC)
Re: Misinterpretation of Jane Johnson
I certainly hope that THE WINDS OF WINTER is not on the schedule of ANY of my publishers. I have spent years trying to persuade them all not to schedule my books until they are completed and delivered. Scheduling, and then having to reschedule and postpone, just pisses people off. I'd rather not schedule at all until the date is real and certain.

This flies against standard publishing practice, however, so it's a battle that I do not always win.
Feb. 6th, 2015 02:49 pm (UTC)
Re: Misinterpretation of Jane Johnson
Your close followers are aware that you don't want the book scheduled and haven't been keeping many people, if any aside from Parris, updated on its progress; Jane meant only to confirm as such to those who aren't. Seemingly almost everyone took it as confirmation that Winds won't be published this year, which can't be confirmed by Jane or anyone else besides, perhaps, yourself. Since it's now being widely interpreted and reported as an official statement that Winds won't or can't be released this year, as well as that the books finishing before the show is impossible, I wanted to let you know how many news sites are publishing speculation as fact that they believe has been confirmed by a reliable source - including the Wall Street Journal, Time, Entertainment Weekly, the Hollywood Reporter, the AV Club... The list of misinterpreters and the ill-informed grows longer seemingly by the day.

A bit of a conundrum, I admit, as it would be difficult to correct it without implying that the book will or could be released this year, which may or may not be true, and which you don't want to confirm yet if so. But either way, I wanted to let you know what speculation is currently being treated as truth so that you could decide what, if anything, should be said.


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