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Janis Is Coming!

This announcement really pleases me. One of my favorite singer/ songwriters, the one and only JANIS IAN, will be visiting Santa Fe later this month, and performing two shows at the Jean Cocteau.

Janis is a science fiction and fantasy fan, writer, and editor. I met her at the Philadelphia worldcon a decade and a half ago, and I've had the pleasure of hanging with her at a dozen subsequent worldcons. She's always great company.

I knew her songs decades before I met the singer, though. I had... have... her albums. (Albums... there were large discs made of vinyl, with music on them. You played them on this thing called a turntable. We still have one of those as well). If you're my age, you know her hits: Jesse, Society's Child, Between the Lines, Boots Like Emmy Lou's, When the Party's Over, Watercolors (a personal favorite)... there are so many... and of course, At Seventeen.

I've wanted to have Janis perform at the Cocteau ever since I reopened the place, and I am thrilled that it is finally going to happen.

She will be doing two shows, on the evenings of Sunday, February 22, and Monday, February 23. I expect both shows to sell out, so get your tickets now:


You can also call the theatre (during business hours) at 505-466-5528 and purchase tickets over the phone. Please be sure to have your credit card details on hand.

We will also have Janis's CDs on sale, as well as copies of her autobiography (she has led a pretty interesting life), and I know she'll be glad to sign them all.


Feb. 5th, 2015 03:59 am (UTC)
Congratulations on your booking coup--I had no idea she was a fan! AFAIK, she's never been to the con I attend every year (Arisia, in Boston), or at least I hope I've never missed the opportunity to thank her for helping make my teenage years bearable. (I was a freshman in high school when Between the Lines came out, and "At Seventeen" definitely felt as if it were written for "ugly duckling girls like me." Hmmm...I don't have a turntable any more, so perhaps I should go looking for a copy on CD...) If I were in Santa Fe, I'd bring a basket of home-baked goodies to the show, but as I'm not, I'll just have to mentally send her good wishes and thanks.


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