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Rules for Creepy Dolls

As promised, here are the rules for the Jean Cocteau's Creepy Doll Contest:

Creepy dolls will be judged based on originality, creativity, characterization, artistic quality, and the ability to be inventive. Voting by the Queen of Creepy, Ellen Datlow, on Sunday, March 15, at 6:30 pm when winners will be announced.


Submission Rules

Each participant may submit 1 doll each

Size limits: 6 to 24 inches tall

Dolls must be supported for display

Antique or dolls ravaged by weather and/or time are acceptable for submissions

Entry dolls must be named and have a place card attached to support for display

Contest Timeline

Submissions Begin: Monday, February 23, 2015


Email your image to Sam Haozous at deadmartyr@yahoo.com (subject to approval) Dolls may be sold on consignment at the Jean Cocteau Cinema should artist choose to do so. Dolls must be shipped and arrive at the Jean Cocteau Cinema no later than Friday, March 13, 2015. Any entries arriving after deadline date will be disqualified. Any further questions, contact Sam Haozous at the email provided.

Submissions End: Saturday, March 14, 2015


((The creepy two-headed doll above is by Sam himself, and will be on hand to welcome the competitors... but as Sam is on our Cocteau staff, his little boy/girl is not eligible)).


( 17 comments — Leave a comment )
Feb. 26th, 2015 06:08 pm (UTC)
I switched tabs, deep in thoughts, and your post was on top of my flist.

Here's a video capture of my reaction:
Mar. 1st, 2015 07:02 pm (UTC)
yeah, might have been nice to put this behind a cut really.
Mar. 2nd, 2015 06:20 pm (UTC)
I love how easy it is to creep out you non-Nightmare Fetishists.
Feb. 26th, 2015 06:31 pm (UTC)
Awww, he's adorable!
Feb. 26th, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
The timing of this post could not be better! One of my friends had just had a baby yesterday and had just posted up a load of photos.. I continued scrolling down through them and hadn't realised I'd reached the end of her post when this one popped up! Can't stop laughing!!

(sadly I don't think she'd find it as funny as I do!)
Feb. 26th, 2015 08:53 pm (UTC)

I was always wondering where that baby from Angel Heart ended up...
Joshua Peters
Feb. 26th, 2015 09:38 pm (UTC)
Killer Doll...?
While not necessarily being 'creepy', I know one doll that has done a LOT of killing! :)

Feb. 28th, 2015 12:36 am (UTC)
Re: Killer Doll...?
Oh! My God!
It's so fucking cute! *-*
Feb. 28th, 2015 01:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Killer Doll...?
I wonder whether Vladimir Putin will be getting one for voodoo purposes. I just read Gary Kasparov, the former chess player and one of his biggest critics, is writing a book on Putin, called "winter is coming". Apparently comparing Putin to Tywin Lannister... Of course Tywin was already around when Putin rose to power so he cannot have been an inspiration, but I do wonder whether any other modern day politicians have been inspirations to you George...

Mar. 5th, 2015 06:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Killer Doll...?
I've always thought of Vlad Putrid as 'the barechested Tywin Lannister' and was saving it up for use at some point. That's now, I suppose. Apparently Vlad the Bad is a fan of Maurice Druon, so it's not all that far-fetched that he got some of his inspiration from the same source as GRRM, though he chose to apply it in a different way.
Otto Ovelha
Feb. 28th, 2015 01:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Killer Doll...?
What does he say:) ?
Ben Doremus
Mar. 2nd, 2015 01:34 pm (UTC)
Re: Killer Doll...?
Just finished up book four of Stephen R. Donaldson's Gap series.

If he and Mr. Martin wrote something together, it would be the saddest, most depressing, and most brutal story ever created. Basically something like:

Chapter 1

It was a sunny day. And then everyone died. The End.

And I'd totally buy it.
Justin Repath
Feb. 28th, 2015 08:18 pm (UTC)
God I hate this post!
Brooklyn Ann
Feb. 28th, 2015 09:06 pm (UTC)
If I ever go to Santa Fe...
The first thing I want to do is visit the Jean Cocteau! You guys do the coolest stuff there!
Mar. 2nd, 2015 02:33 am (UTC)
A Song Of Ice And Fire best story EVER!
Roderick Tracy Long
Mar. 5th, 2015 04:17 pm (UTC)
Czech out some creepy babies
Prague is filled with giant statues of creepy babies.
Mar. 6th, 2015 10:06 pm (UTC)
I must say that puppet is creepy. It reminds me of a childhood poem which roughly translated talks about German puppets:

Die puppe ist gruselig. Warum, Ser, warum? Worte sind Winde.
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