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DANCE Gets Covered

Okay, I may not have a book yet, but I have covers.

Here are the American and British covers for A DANCE WITH DRAGONS.

If I can deliver the book before the end of June, you'll see these in your favorite bookstore sometime this fall.

If I can't, well... you'll still see them eventually, I hope.


Mar. 17th, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
I know this is completely out of your control, so I'm just making a general observation here.

I miss the old covers :( I honestly didn't think the American one was legit when I first saw it, because it looked like something I could just sit down and whip out in Photoshop with the help of some dragon clip-art.

Again, I know, nothing to be done, yes, I know, I get that. I know the official line was to make the books more marketable cross-genres. But I wouldn't be shocked if there was some cost-cutting involved as well :/ A few hours of graphic design work has got to be cheaper than paying someone to do an oil painting. It just makes me sad.

Flame at will if you must, but this is my opinion and in no way meant to be an attack on George. I know these things are not his to decide.
Apr. 1st, 2008 06:28 pm (UTC)
I absolutely agree!
The thing that drew me to the original novel was the art.

The way I see it, a novel's art is like a certain... setting for the mind... Like a reading room with a certain feel to it, that helps set the tone. The first book's look set things for me.

I LOVED the original art for the books, and just yesterday, as I was trying to turn on a friend to the series, he said, "Good GOD those look like Danielle Steel books." Luckily, I was loaning him the original GoT paperback.

I, for one, would like the option for a collector's volume with art from the original artist, who I found out has also painted some of my favorite Star Wars book covers. I would spend an extra $5 or even $10 to have the future books match the originals.


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