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Sorry, Saratoga

I don't often attend the World Fantasy Convention (not to be confused with the World Science Fiction Convention, which I have only missed once thirty years), but I was there the last time it was held in Saratoga, and I had a great time. A terrific town, a wonderful con.

This year the convention is returning to Saratoga once again, and I was hoping to return as well. I'm not a guest of honor, and I'm not (so far as I know) getting an award; I just wanted to go.

Reluctantly, however, I've just had to scratch Saratoga off my list of 2015 appearances. For no reason having to do with the con itself. I am sure it will be terrific. It's just a matter of time.

I have too much to do. Too many things on my plate. Son of Kong foremost amongst them.

My apologies to anyone who saw Saratoga on my Appearances page and planned to go in order to see me. I won't be there. Go anyway. You'll have a great time.

Also, I have decided against attending this year's San Diego Comicon. Same reason. But since Comicon was never listed on my Appearances page, scratching it is not as big a deal.

(Should I complete and deliver WINDS OF WINTER before these cons roll round, I reserve the right to change my mind).


Ben van Heijningen
Mar. 17th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
Re: Power on, George.
Oh the irony of you being happy and George being sad. A story should be made out of this.
Re Hasenfu
Mar. 18th, 2015 08:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Power on, George.
The short story of the happy and the sad man.

There was this man, sad at the moment, because he placed his urge to fullfil his task over his attempt to get joy by observing crazy people in their natural habitat.
The other man heard of that and was happy about it! Not because the first man was sad but that he placed the elatedness of his followers over his own requirements.
Time goes by and the sad man wasn't sad anymore, because he mastered his task superbly in time to get to his beloved con.

...The happy man however wasn't that happy at all because Tyrion and Arya died.

The end. :)


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