George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

Not A Blog Policy

Time for a reminder, I guess.

There have been too many off topic posts in comments here on the Not A Blog of late.

 Partly my fault.  I have been getting lax about unscreening them.  But it is getting out of hand.

 Comments are welcome... but stick to the topic in the main topic.  If it's a football post, talk football.  If I post about Wild Cards, talk Wild Cards.  Old Venus, well, that book, or maybe anthologies in general.

 I know the new season of GAME OF THRONES is at hand, but that doesn't mean every comment thread should be taken over by posts about the series, or the books, or "spoilers," or whatever.

 If you want to talk about the TV show, there are many fine places on the net to do that.  Ditto if you want to talk about the books.  I would especially recommend Westeros and Tower of the Hand.

But no more off topic posts here, please.


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