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Autograph Hounds

For all of you autograph collectors out there...

My partner in crime Gardner Dozois is cleaning out his house in scenic Philadelphia, and he just send me two big boxes of OLD MARS and OLD VENUS hardcovers, all signed.

I've added my own illegible scrawl to the title pages, to go with his.

Since Gardner and I live two thousand miles apart, getting a copy of one of our anthologies signed by both of us is not easy. So here's your chance.

Matching copies of OLD MARS and OLD VENUS signed by both editors can be purchased (while the supply lasts, which may not be long) from the Jean Cocteau bookstore, at:

Lots of other autographed books are available from the same site, of course, including titles by Diana Gabaldon, Ellen Datlow, Lisa See, Carrie Vaughn. Junot Diaz, Lev Grossman, Dennis Lehane, and that George R.R. Martin guy.


Jun. 9th, 2015 05:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Game of Thrones Wiki re Night's King
Thank you for responding, ser.

Actually I have been trying to flag down Mr. Cogman via his twitter account but he hasn't answered my question re Maegor III (I'm "ADragonDemands" on Twitter because "The Dragon Demands" was too long).

Oh yes, I've also been trying to get in touch with Cogman re removing Jaehaerys II, and he actually responded to my question once submitted to a Q&A on a fansite, but I asked "has Jaehaerys II been removed and how does this affect how the Targaryens intermarried with the Baratheons? The Wiki can't draw a full Targaryen family tree until we know that" and his simple answer was "yes, Jaehaerys II has been removed". Ack. I think that's in limbo state until they can figure out the after-effects (i.e. inventing "Viola Redwyne" instead of Egg's fourth son who was a homosexual). Crud.

Elio and Linda of Westeros.org discussed this in their video review of the episode; Linda flew into a curse-laden rant demanding to know who the heck Maegor III was, her wrath terrible to behold (which is why I love Elio and Linda).

I'm not even going to touch upon the Martell family tree problems: okay now they've established that Ellaria is mother of four out of eight Sand Snakes (and they confirmed there are eight)...then they made Tyene sort of a combination of book-Tyene and book-Elia Sand (fair enough, condensation will happen in adaptation)....but four plus Tyene equals five. So what, Obella now isn't her daughter or something? Who knows. Apparently quite a few more Sand Snake scenes were filmed for Season 5 (as we know from promo pics) but they were cut for time.

I'm also excited they mentioned the Dance of the Dragons this episode and gave a succinct explanation of it - I hope it's a prequel project hook (like, ten years from now).

While I'm on the subject...we have no idea why Jon Snow and the wildlings arrive at the north gate of Castle Black when they were seen leaving Hardhome by ship, and would have just been deposited back at Eastwatch on the SOUTH side of the Wall. Elio and Linda similarly confused. Was this officially due to the rewrites which we heard happened that expanded the Hardhome scene? (originally it was briefly going to be in Iceland, but later expanded so much they built it in the same quarry as Castle Black).

Oh yes, we also noticed that "of the Rhoynar" thing. Problem is that they actually called Daenerys "Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men" in the Season 4 finale...even though Missandei herself had referred to her without "of the Rhoynar" earlier that same season, and Tommen wasn't called "of the Rhoynar" at his own coronation when Oberyn was standing in front of him. Our suspicion is they cut it out because back in the first episode Eddard said it and they were having enough trouble explaining who "Andals" and "First Men" are, didn't want to deluge audience with information (so they really only even mention "Dorne" starting in Season 4). I don't know if they can easily retcon that, though.

These are things I worry about constantly. I'm an obsessive internet fan who works on an online encyclopedia about this material - we have *lists* of these things. I've been trying to flag down Cogman for years but always they elude my grasp. He tasks me, he tasks me - but I shall have him. If I have to chase him round the isle of Leng, and round the Ibbenese maelstrom, and through Valyria's flames, I will not give him up!


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