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More Signed Books

Speaking of signing books... as I was in the post below...

For all of you who are enjoying OUTLANDER, the marvelous adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's time travel novels that just finished its first season on STARZ... well, the show is terrific, but the books are even better (as is so often the case), and we have AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of the whole Outlander series and the 'Lord John' spinoff books as well available via mail order from the Jean Cocteau Bookshop

If you haven't been watching OUTLANDER, you're missing a terrific TV series. Gorgeous to look at, and the performances by the three leads are terrific. Tobias Menzies, who played Brutus on HBO's ROME and Edmure Tully on GAME OF THRONES, is especially noteworthy in a double role. (I just hope we'll be able to get him back, if and when D&D decide to return to the riverlands).

(OUTLANDER 'feels' like a cross of historical fiction and romantic adventure, but the time travel element definitely qualifies it as SF, or at least fantasy, so it's a show worth remembering next year when Hugo nomination time comes round again).

OUTLANDER films in Scotland, GAME OF THRONES primarily in Northern Ireland. Between the two shows, I doubt there's a single major actor in the British Isles we haven't used yet. Great casts. Diana got sixteen episodes for one novel, two eight-episode half-seasons, which had me gnashing my teeth in envy... until I remembered that OUTLANDER has no dragons, direwolves, or ice zombies, and so far no major battles either. Though, if I recall my history, that will be coming... the battles, that is, not the dragons.

I might also mention WOLF HALL, another excellent TV series from the UK based on novels, in this case on Hilary Mantel's novel of the same name and its sequel. Makes an interesting contrast with THE TUDORS series that Showtime ran a couple of years ago. We do not, alas, have signed copies of WOLF HALL available, since Hilary Mantel has never visited Santa Fe...

... but we do have the OUTLANDER books. While they last. And lots more besides.



Jun. 8th, 2015 12:27 pm (UTC)
I watched Outlander because it filled the Saturday night hole left when Black Sails ended for the season (best pirate show ever!). I've not read the books.

I love the opening music - the Skye Boat Song. Jamie, the main dude is gorgeous, but I feel he verges on unbelievable perfection in his compassion, tenderness and 21st-century PC relationship with Clair. Clair I feel is a bit overly sanctimonious considering her predicament.

If you compare the series to something like GoT the story line feels terribly linear. If you like mush though, the romance is top notch.

The relationship between Jamie and Black Jack is what grabbed me and kept pulling back in. <--Intense!

I would have liked to see more of the charmer, Dougal Mckenzie, and his Jacobite movement. Perhaps that is yet to come....
Jun. 9th, 2015 11:19 am (UTC)
I love the opening music - the Skye Boat Song.

Written by Harold Boulton in late 19 or 20C, to a loose adaptation of the melody line of A cuachag nan craobh. An example of long-after-the-event cod-Jacobite sentimentality.
Jun. 9th, 2015 10:27 pm (UTC)
Dougal isn't the charmer you think he is. Yes, he's a fine looking Scot and can wear true Highland outfits like nobody else, except Jamie when he was decked out in full regalia for his wedding.

Dougal is a Jacobite traitor and does some pretty despicable things involving Claire. And Jamie was a virgin and has no idea how to treat a woman except for the way he's seen his uncle's and fathers treat their wives. (and that's not tender) He's trying to find a balance, because he's still so young,only 22. Claire is used to being in charge because of her nursing training in field hospitals in WWII.And she's 28 and she's been married.
You really need to read the books to get the entire picture of the storyline. And remember that the show is only an adaptation of the books. A really good one and follows them very closely, but things are changed and left out or added. The ending 10min on TV was different than the book, but it was still great!
Stacey Thompson Cawthon
Jun. 9th, 2015 11:04 pm (UTC)
future story
Yes the following books get very political. Next season is all about the plotting and rebellion of the Jacobites. The rest of the series, well it is historical. Think of all the events that happen in the next 30 years and you can guess where it's heading.


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