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What Movie?

Don't believe everything you read, boys and girls. Especially not on line.

I don't know where this latest round of "there's going to be a GAME OF THRONES movie" nonsense is coming from, but suddenly it is everywhere, and all of us connected with the show and HBO are being bombarded. But nothing has changed.

Let me review, for those who came in late.

The idea of ending GAME OF THRONES with one or more major feature films was first floated oh, three or four years ago. Let me say once again: this was NOT MY IDEA. However, I may have been the first one to mention the notion in public -- where and how I no longer recall -- so somehow I became associated with it.

I did say that I liked the idea. Of course I liked the idea. HOw not? This was back in the early days, where we couldn't even afford to shoot the Battle of the Green Fork and had to knock Tyrion unconscious instead. When the king's hunting party consisted of four guys on foot walking through the woods. At that time, in that context, the idea of big blockbuster movies with a LORD OF THE RINGS sized budget was powerfully attractive.

And the idea is still powerfully attractive. Not just to me, but to many people connected with the show. Actors, directors, producers, writers. How not? It would be a great way to end.

Which doesn't mean it is going to happen. There is great enthusiasm for the notion, sure, but not necessarily from HBO. They are in the TV business, not the feature film business. And those of you with long memories may recall all the rumors about a SOPRANOS movie... a ROME movie... a DEADWOOD movie. Rumors is all they were. And that's all this one is too, at least for now.

Lately the rumors have gotten even more specific. The film will be about Robert's Rebellion. It will be about Dunk & Egg. It will... oh, it's all too silly.

It would still be cool, and I'd still love to see it... but nothing has changed since the last round of rumors. I am still writing THE WINDS OF WINTER. David & Dan are still filming season six. HBO is still in the television business.

Don't take any of this stuff seriously. Clickbait journalism is to journalism as military music is to music.


jonathan pierce
Oct. 1st, 2015 04:04 am (UTC)
"News" Sites
So very often I see news articles regarding the son of Kong release date, or completely out of context quotes that would like to portray it as some hidden innuendo signaling some pretty off the wall facts, generally taken from this not a blog.

GRRM stated on personal blog that HBO is shooting a Roberts Rebellion Movie. (Taking that one sentence above)

Son of Kong delayed, GRRM used the word 'the' 27 times in his most recent post as a bread crumb to hint only 27 chapters being finished!

Everest will be playing at the Jean Cocteau, proof that Winter has indeed come and an early son of Kong release is imminent!

It's disheartening that on slow news days certain news sites churn out these nonsensical, factually challenged articles.

Though why no one is talking about a certain set in Westeros book that is coming out next week I find equally disheartening. Where is the love for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms? 10/6/2015.


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