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Speaking of THE EXPANSE...

As Ogre Jenni details below, we will be hosting the world premiere of SyFy's new EXPANSE series tomorrow at the JCC, screening the first two episodes on our big medium-sized screen. First fifty people to attend the 4pm booksigning will get tickets for the 8:30 screening; the rest of the tix will be available on first come, first seated basis.

However, it's the latest Expanse novel that I want to talk about here.

NEMESIS GAMES is just terrific.

This is definitely one to keep in mind when filling out your Hugo ballot this year. The first of the Expanse series, LEVIATHAN WAKES, was a Hugo nominee (and loser) back in 2012. Subsequent volumes have not made the ballot. This one should. I don't know if it will be the best SF novel published in 2015 (I still have a lot of novels to read), but I can't imagine that it won't be one of the top five. Fans of space opera, of classic old school SF done really well, of great can't-put-it-down storytelling, should love this one, I'd think. Fans of military SF as well; the Expanse books have all the excitement of the best military SF along with a lot more. Two-headed Jimmy Corey has created a detailed, vivid, well-imagined, lived-in world, peopled it with a great cast of characters, and here welded all that to a page-turning plot that takes us places I never imagined they could go.

Those of you who live near enough, come to the JCC tomorrow and get Jimmy to sign your books and catch the EXPANSE premiere.

Those who don't... go out and grab NEMESIS GAMES. It's a hell of ride.


Dec. 3rd, 2015 10:06 pm (UTC)
Anit-puppy Reaction
Do you think Trufans will reject this work because it is associated to the type of SF that the Puppies enjoy? I wouldn't have thought this possible previously but when they no-awarded some very decent people and cheered when that was announced my thoughts on this may have shifted. I am curious to your thoughts on what this book not getting nominated might mean. Thanks!
Dec. 4th, 2015 10:15 pm (UTC)
Re: Anit-puppy Reaction
There's a lot of false assumptions in that question.

On the No Awards: I thought Hugos should have been awarded in both editor categories, as I have stated numerous times. Will not rehash that. In the fiction categories and Related Work, well, you can make a case for "Totalled" in short story, and for the Burnside in RW, but aside from that, No Award was more than justified. Whether or not the nominees in those categories are "decent people" or not is completely beside the point. The Hugos are not meant to honor 'decency,' whatever that means. You don't win one for being a nice guy (though I will grant that it helps, while being an asshole or fugghead hurts). These are awards for literary excellence, and there was little of that to be found in most of the Puppy nominees.

As for the premise that fandom will reject the Expanse because it is "associated" with "the type of SF that Puppies enjoy" -- what type of SF is that? Space opera? Military SF? Action adventure? Are we supposed to believe these subgenres are now Puppy property? That's nonsense. REDSHIRTS was space opera. Anne Leckie's ANCILLARY books are military SF. Go further back, pre-Puppy, and you will find plenty of examples of both contending for Hugos... including LEVIATHAN WAKES, the first Expanse novel, in 2012.

I don't know if NEMESIS GAMES will be nominated or not, but if it falls short, it will be either because (1) the majority of those nominating found five other novels they liked better, or (2) the Sad Puppies turned out again in force and filled the ballot with their own favorites. It will NOT be because any imaginary "rejection" on the part of fandom.

Even without the Puppies, this looks to be a strong year in novel. Recent winners Anne Leckie and Cixin Liu have both published sequels to their Hugo-winners, there are big new novels from Kim Stanley Robinson and Neal Stephenson, lots of good work from new upcoming authors... it will not be easy for ANYONE to make this ballot.


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