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The Blogosphere Claims Another Victim

Addicts love company, I guess. It appears that, after long and tiring efforts going back years, I have finally lured my dear friend and WINDHAVEN collaborator Lisa Tuttle into the madness that is the blogosphere.

Lisa has just started up her own Live Journal. You can find it

For those who don't know her, Lisa is a Texan living in Argyll with her English husband and their Scottish daughter. She's written science fiction, fantasy, and (especially) horror, YA books, a feminist encyclopedia and a how-to-write book. Once upon a time she won the John W. Campbell Award as the best new writer in the field. Once upon another time she won a Nebula and turned it down (the only person ever to do so). When she drinks too much she tells the Big Mouth Frog Joke.

Go and say hello and welcome her to the blogosphere. Poor lost soul.

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