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Got some exciting news for Wild Cards fans... and for fans of audiobooks.

We've got a new deal in place for Wild Cards audiobooks. This time we've signed with Random House Audio, the same good folks who have been bringing you the great audiobook versions of A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, as well as ROGUES, DANGEROUS WOMEN, and my other anthologies.

Brilliance Audio did the audio editions of the first two volumes in the series, WILD CARDS and ACES HIGH, the last one coming out in 2011. Random House will be picking up the series with the third volume, JOKERS WILD, the first of our full-on mosaic novels.

Luke Daniels was the reader for the two Brilliance volumes, and did a fine job. But as long time fans of the series know, the Wild Cards books are team efforts featuring interwoven stories by a number of different writers set against a common background. Even in a shared world, however, not everything is shared; every writer has his own characters, and every character has his own voice.

Random House Audio wants to capture that with these new audiobooks. Instead of a single reader, therefore, JOKERS WILD and the volumes to follow will feature a multiplicity of narrators, a different voice for every viewpoint character.

JOKERS WILD, the first of our full mosaics, is a seven-way collaboration, set on the fortieth anniversary of the first Wild Cards Day in New York City. All the action takes place in twenty-four hours, and is seen through seven sets of eyes. The writers (and their respective viewpoint characters) were Lewis Shiner (Fortunato), Melinda M. Snodgrass (Roulette), John Jos. Miller (Wraith), Edward Bryant (Sewer Jack), Leanne C. Harper (Bagabond), Walton Simons (Demise), and your truly (Hiram Worchester).

We've assembled a very exciting group of readers to give them voice. You'll hear:

Prentice Onayemi, reading Fortunato,
Pam Grier, reading Roulette,
Molly Quinn, reading Wraith,
Ray Porter, reading Sewer Jack,
Felicia Day, reading Bagabond,
Stephen McHattie, reading Demise,
Ron Donachie, reading Hiram Worchester.

Recording is taking place in London, Edinburgh, Denver, Taipei, Toronto, Burbank, and Los Angeles; we went all around the world to assemble this team.

I can hardly wait to hear how this amazing group of actors bring our characters to life.
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Hello Mr Martin

I'm a big fan and love the audio book format and i think this way you are taking it to a new level!

Is it Foxy Brown, Pam Grier that will be reading Roulette?

If so it will be awesome!

Or is it a different one.


That's the only Pam Grier I know of. Yes, it's her.
Hi George,
Huge fan. I noticed the comments are locked in your NYE post, but I had a quick question for you.

Are you considering releasing any more chapters from WoW ahead of the book release?

Perhaps something that would inform book readers of spoiler-y topics that may be reached in the show? (and that the context for book readers has already been established).

Thanks! And good luck!
Possibly... but please, this is off topic. We're talking audiobooks here.
Hi George,

I hate to go off topic but I wanted to ask if there was a chance S6 of HBO GoT could get pushed back until the end of summer to allow you the time you need to finsh Winds to the standard you desire?

They wouldn't lose any viewers. It's not ideal, but for your work over 25 years their TV show wouldn't exist. I just wanted to know if you thought it was worth a shot because we felt your passion in your WINDS post and you want to finish it as much as we want to experience it unspoiled.

Best wishes
No chance whatsoever. And please, stay on topic. This is not the place for Ice & Fire discussion.

RE: Re: Book


5 years ago

This is cool news! I like most of those actors, I don't know two of them. But the casting seems sound.
I still need to listen to Book Two.
I love that this series is still around after all these years!
My wife got me the Lowball paperback for x-mas so my collection is up to date again!
Whatever happened to the possibility of Wild Cards on Sci-Fi Channel?
Still in development.


5 years ago

Suspended comment


5 years ago

Other than the Giants, there has been so much great news here as of late. Being in a field where I have to travel between North America and the Mid East very frequently, I have ample time to read and listen to audio books. I find reading on planes can get very hard on the eyes, causing some nasty headaches for me, where as just listening to audio books never has such effects. Plus, it's as different as reading as reading is to watching a TV program in may ways.

I'm really, really looking forward to this in the future, and will be taking full advantage. Great line up too, Felicia Day is one of my favorite people, having been following her online since the beginning of her first channel/endeavor there.

Again, this is great news, can't wait.

More more more more.

hey george, big fan obviously, in preparation for The Skin Trade adaptation on Cinemax, i bought the audiobook on audible. Very good, very scary, can't wait for the show. Keep on keepin on George

Audio books have opened a new world of reading for me. As many have, I got to ASOIAF through HBO GOT. Of course I'm "all in" on the books now but when I first set out on this journey I found reading the books daunting. So I downloaded the audible app and started listening in the car to and from work and, as they say, the rest is history. I've now read the print versions once over in addition to the Audible.
From there audio books have been a part of my daily life.
Because I enjoyed Roy Dotrice ' s reading so much I discovered 'The Book of Ebenezer LePaige' which is now one of my favorite novels of all time. (Warning: It takes a few minutes of listening to get past the fact that it's the same voice he uses for Dolorus Ed. Haha) ASOIAF and audio books have reinvigorated my love for literature, both print and audio.
Look forward to getting into Wildcards.
Any chance we will get to hear Dotrice reading Winds when it comes out?

Dear Mr. Martin,

I am a huge fan of your books (and your blog) and am very excited about the audio books, since I have been too tired in the evenings to read more then 5 or 6 pages (I have 4 kids and they keep me very busy)... I have only read the first Wild Cards book and can't wait to be able to listen to the next ones.

On a side note: I have huge respect for your talent, but also your way of dealing with your fans. You never seem arrogant, although you are that successful. Also, please don't let anyone pressure you. Write the books in YOUR pace!

Your biggest fan from Germany,
I am such a fan of audiobooks nowadays. I listened to stories on radio or tape as a kid but kinda lost the interest in my crazier, messed up days.
I just want to add that Roy Dotrice is exceptional at his narration. I could listen to him read a shampoo bottle and be totally enthralled.
I am going to check these titles out in audioform when available. Sometimes that is the only way I can "read" a book anymore with work going on.
Roy Dotrice is masterful beyond words.

I am looking forward to the new season where Max von Sydow, the new Bloodraven actor, will appear. He could read us directions to the nearest Starbucks and it will sound like the most important words ever uttered.

Here he is in the newest trailer:
Are you able to say if the WINDS OF WINTER audiobook will be released concurrently with the text? and will Roy Dotrice be narrating it?
Depends on recording schedules and Roy's other commitments. No way to know at this point.
I have a most unfortunate commute to work, and Audiobooks are an amazing way to make it suck less.

I was so stoked a few years ago when Fevre Dream and Dying of the Light came out for audiobooks.

I haven't delved into Wild Cards yet - but this will probably be a great opportunity to finally get into that series :)

Will Roy Dotrice be coming back for a TWOW audiobook?

Also, I have searched and searched for a Tuf Voyaging audiobook - does that not exist? (It's my first and favorite book of yours I've read)
Huge fan of your work, regarding the Winds of Winter, would you consider splitting the book and releasing the first half ASAP and continue working on the second half as you currently are?
Charlie G
That would not be my preference.
I could listen to Stephen McHattie read names out of a phone book and be happy.
Recording in Taipei? Who among the above is in Taipei?
I was wondering George... do you like breasts? I only ask because the covers leave everything so ambiguous. ;)
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    Greetings all, Minion Raya here to let you know that we're moving the Not A Blog to a whole new location! So if you're looking for the…

  • Cover Boy

    Hot damn. I'm a cover boy. An ESQUIRE cover boy! (On the Chinese edition of ESQUIRE) Some fun pictures inside as well. And lots of text I…

  • From Terra to Taos

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