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Coming to Spain (additional)

Still working on details of my visit to Spain.

In addition to the appearances in Madrid, Gijon, and Barcelona that I listed previously, it now appears that I'll be adding four additional bookstore signings in southern Spain.

Some the time and venues are still being worked out, but right now it appears that I will be signing books in Sevilla on July 22, in Cordoba on July 23, in Granada on July 25, and in Malaga on July 28. My Malaga event will be hosted by the Libreria Luces bookstore. The other sites will be announced as soon they're confirmed.

So if you're in southern Spain, and can't make it up to Semana Negra or my events in Madrid and Barcelona, maybe you can catch me at one of these. I should mention, though, that these new events will be primarily for autographing. If I speak, it will be only briefly, and there will not be the sort of the time for questions and answers that we'll have at the other events.
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