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Signed Joe Lansdale Books at the Jean Cocteau Bookstore #GrrMinion

Hello from Ogre Jenni! I work at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe! Do visit us if you ever get the chance.

On February 23rd the Cocteau teamed up with Sundance TV to show the first episode of their new series, Hap & Leonard. The show premieres tonight at 10/9 Central! Don't miss it! The cast is spot-on: Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) as Leonard, James Purefoy (Rome) as Hap, and Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as Trudy, not to mention all the other players in this wildly twisting and turning narrative.

The same evening we had the pleasure of hosting a live Q&A with Joe Lansdale, author of the Hap & Leonard stories. (If you missed the event, here are some pictures from the Sundance TV team). Joe was kind enough to sign copies of his latest titles from the Hap & Leonard series: Hap and Leonard and Honky Tonk Samurai. If you aren't familiar with his work, Joe writes some of the best character dialogue out there, complete with great Texan accents, perfect pacing, and killer humor. They are now available, along with some other Joe Lansdale titles, at our online bookstore.


Honky Tonk Samurai

Only Hap and Leonard would catch a cold case with hot cars, hot women, and ugly skinheads.

The story starts simply enough when Hap, a former 60s activist and self-proclaimed white trash rebel, and Leonard, a tough black, gay Vietnam vet and Republican with an addiction to Dr. Pepper, are working a freelance surveillance job in East Texas. The uneventful stakeout is coming to an end when the pair witness a man abusing his dog. Leonard takes matters into his own fists, and now the bruised dog abuser wants to press charges.

One week later, a woman named Lilly Buckner drops by their new PI office with a proposition: find her missing granddaughter, or she'll turn in a video of Leonard beating the dog abuser. The pair agrees to take on the cold case and soon discover that the used car dealership where her granddaughter worked is actually a front for a prostitution ring. What began as a missing-person case becomes one of blackmail and murder.

Filled with Lansdale's trademark whip-smart dialogue, relentless pacing, and unorthodox characters, Honky Tonk Samurai is a rambunctious thrill ride by one hell of a writer.

Buy it here!

Hap & Leonard

Hap and Leonard have never fit the profile. Hap Collins looks like a good ’ol boy, but his liberal politics don’t match. After a number of failed careers, Hap has found his calling: kicking ass.

Vietnam veteran Leonard Pine is even more complicated: black, conservative, gay...and an occasional arsonist. With Leonard on the job, small-time crooks all on the way on up to the Dixie Mafia had best be extremely nervous.

Joe R. Lansdale’s popular Texan crime-fighting duo are immortalized in this complete collection of Hap and Leonard short stories and tall tales. Additionally, you'll find one brand-new story and an original introduction by New York Times bestselling author Michael Koryta (So Cold the River).

Buy it here!

See you at the Cocteau!

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