George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

Wild Cards Times Three

Some exciting news on the WILD CARDS front for fans of the world's longest running shared world anthology series.

HIGH STAKES will be out later this year, as previously announced. That's the third and concluding volume in what we've come to call our "mean streets and madness" triad, and the twenty-third volume in the overall series (which originally began way way back in 1987). It was also the last new volume under contract to Tor.

But no longer! Wild Cards will fight another day. Tor has just stepped up and signed us for three more originals. This set we will be calling (informally) "the USA Triad." But it won't really be a triad, more like three stand-alones, each with its own setting, cast, and tone.

The three new books are:

Details? Sorry. You'll need to wait for those. The ink on the contracts is not quite dry yet, so we're just getting up to steam (as in MISSISSIPPI... no, that would be telling).

This much I can tell you. I'll be editing the new volumes, natch. Melinda Snodgrass will continue as my assistant editor and right hand woman. And we'll be calling on the madman and wild women of the Wild Cards consortium for stories, as ever. Whenever we begin a new triad and a new contract, however, we like to reach out and recruit a few new writers. Fresh blood is just so tasty, and adding some new characters to the mix always helps to enliven things.

So let me introduce you to our Class of 2016. The newest inmates in the asylum are:

They're all insanely talented, and they claim they play well with others (we'll see). And no, I won't tell you about the new characters they've created for us... but we think you're going to like them.

WILD CARDS! From 1987 to forever....

((And if you have not caught the virus yet, there's still time. Head over to the Jean Cocteau Bookshop at and you'll find all sorts of signed Wild Cards books on sale, some of them with multiple autographs from editors and writers both).

[[Comments welcome. On Wild Cards only, please. Stay on topic]].
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¡Great illustrations, by the way!

WILD CARDS has been blessed with some extraordinary artwork.

(Also some terrible artwork, but I've tried to blank that out).
Hello Sir , is there a Wild Cards story were Aces , Deuces and Jokers live in one place, no Nats , just like in Alan Moore's Top 10 ?
Hellogrrm (Mr Martin).

I am very fond of your work with ASOIAF, so I was wondering what this series is about as I would like to read some of your other work? What is 'Wild Cards' and who, aside from yourself, writes them?

Thanks you in anticipation,
Calum Flanagan
I started reading Wild Cards last summer, after Inside Straight was released in German and a friend gave it to me. I really enjoyed it, and all the references to the older books made me so curious the next day I went to the book store and gathered the first three volumes, which had just been rereleased in English. I'd really love a signed copy of Down and Dirty from the JCC Book Store, but there's no shipping to Germany =(
Is that gonna change in the near future?
I've not read any of this yet, but it looks really interesting..
Perhaps I should start reading the first book?
You've no idea the happiness your work has brought me.
Thanks, Mr. Martin! :-)
WILD CARDS (vol 1) and INSIDE STRAIGHT (vol 18) are the best starting points.
Long long time fan here of the series!

A few comments:

1. Its VERY hard to get copies from the NY Public Library. A few times, I had to reserve copies from the older novels from libraries in other states.

2. Why hasnt anyone picked the rights to turn the wild card series into a TV show?

Anyways, keep em coming!
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