George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

Countdown to Hugo

We're one week away from the announcement of the 2016 Hugo nominations. Drum roll, please.

Should be interesting. MidAmericon II has announced that more than 4000 nominating ballots were received, shattering the previous record of 2122 set by Sasquan last year. The nominating pool included all those who were members of Sasquan and of next year's worldcon in Finland as well as the members of MidAmericon itself.

However, to actually vote on the awards, you will need to be a member of Big Mac II. You can take care of that here:

I am hopeful that my own exhortations encouraged a few people to nominate who might elsewise have forgotten. And of course I am hopeful that a few of my own favorites, the books and stories and television shows and movies that I recommended here, will make the shortlist. But there's no way of knowing until the nominations are announced.

Whether my own choices make the cut or not, I will be pleased if we get an honest ballot this year, with Hugo-worthy choices in all categories.
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