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Coming Soon to the Jean Cocteau

The Jean Cocteau Cinema was Santa Fe's first "arthouse" theatre (it opened in 1977, as the Collective Fantasy), and one of the hallmarks of so-called arthouses is that they show foreign films that the big multiplexes don't touch.

And so it is with us. Today we like to say that we're the most eclectic movie theatre in The City Different, but foreign films remain an important part of our mix. Only the foreign films we show are a little different than the ones you might catch at other arthouses.

This week, for instance, we're showing MY BIG NIGHT, a hilarious romp by the Spanish filmmaker Alex de la Iglesia.

Coming up in the next few weeks we have two the biggest-grossing films in the entire world... but they're two films you may never have heard of, if you're in the US, since they have received almost no attention in America. I'm speaking of MERMAID and MONSTER HUNT, both out of China.

Have a taste:

Watch our website for showtimes.

See you at the movies.
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