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Something Old, Something New

There's some crazy people out on the edge of the galaxy. Their names are Mike Resnick and Shahid Mahmud. At a time when all of the storied old magazines of our genre are struggling to survive, in the face of rising costs and declining circulations, they went and started a new one, and called it GALAXY'S EDGE.

I love the magazines... it's where I started, after all... so I'm thrilled to see a new addition to the field. Especially one like GALAXY'S EDGE, where editor Mike Resnick is making a point of featuring new writers. But every magazine needs a few established names on the cover, which is where I come in... the established name on their latest (May) issue is mine. The issue features a reprint of one of my old SF stories, "Fast-Friend," plus a new interview with me.

GALAXY'S EDGE will have a table at Balticon at the end of the month, and I'll be signing 200 copies of the issue for sale at the con.

For those who cannot make it to Baltimore, home of the ravens and the crabs, you can get a copy direct from the website at www.galaxysedge.com/ -- but maybe not a signed one, alas.


Marco Sartore
May. 18th, 2016 06:34 am (UTC)
This is good news! Thanks for sharing it with us!
By the way, I know this is off topic but since I'm commenting I thought I could ask... I usually don't buy everything I read on the internet about ASOIAF (unless it comes from your blog or your official website), but I recently came upon a piece which was about the show not spoiling the books to come because the books will focus on different characters than the HBO series (specifically, the article claimed the show was focusing more and more on Dany and Jon, while the books will be focusing prominently on Tyrion and Stannis). Even if I don't believe that only two characters can be the 'protagonists' of ASOIAF, still this article got me worried (especially because it seemed to me that Dany and Jon among the others also played some important part in building up the plot of the books)... I'm not asking you whose characters will feature predominantly in the next books, of course, but could you at least confirm or deny the fact that show and books have focal points so different from each other? Thank you for everyhting you've done (and still do) for us readers!


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