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Brett the Jet

That shout you all heard last week was me, reacting to the news that Brett Favre had been traded to the Jets.

Yes, he's old. Yes, he can drive you crazy with that now-I'm-retired, now-I'm-not stuff. But he's still Brett Favre. This year should be a lot more exciting in the AFC East.

Could this be the year I get my Subway Superbowl?

Well, probably not. But a boy can dream.

(I am sorry to lose Chad Pennington. Chad's taken a lot of crap from fair-weather fans, but he was a smart, tough, gutsy guy who played his heart out, and when healthy, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. All those injuries took their toll, sad to say, but I will always cherish the memory of his first year, and that 41-0 playoff win over the Colts. I hated to see him go to the Dolphins, he's too dangerous a competitor to have in the division, but I will always wish him well... at least when he's not playing the Jets).
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