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Two for the Win Column

Life is magical and full of joy? Well, that may be overstating the case this weekend. Let's just say life is tolerable and full of hope.

By which I mean, hell yes, the Giants and the Jets both won this week, and that was good. But neither win was convincing enough to have me turning cartwheels. The Giants beat the Rams in London, and the Jets beat the Ravens at home. Neither of those teams is exactly a powerhouse this season, however, and both games were a lot closer than I would have liked or hoped.

The Giant offense was supposed to be lights out this year with Eli and three terrific wideouts, but it looked anemic yesterday. Big Blue has no running game whatsoever. The highlight of the game in London was an insane pick six runback by Landon Collins that changed the whole momentum of the game. Aside from that, and one cool catch by ODB, there wasn't much.

As for Gang Green, well, this was the week that Geno Smith got his starting qb jon back. He held on to it for almost a quarter before an injury sent him back to the sidelines, and brought Fitz back in again. Good thing Fitz did not get hurt, since neither one of the young Jet quarterbacks was active. The win broke the losing streak, which is good, but at 2-5 the Jets have little or no chance of making the playoffs, so I think the debate over whether Fitz or Geno should start next week is pointless. It's time to give Petty and Hackenberg some playing time, to see if either of them is the long awaited savior Jets fans have been waiting for since Joe Willie.



Oct. 27th, 2016 11:47 am (UTC)
Jets have to make it easier on fitz... he is not Tom Brady and they don't have a great chance at winning throwing it 40 times a game. They picked up Forte for a reason; both games where he got 30 carries (which may be a lot given his age, not sure that's doable on a weekly basis) they won. Run the ball, don't be afraid to dump it off to Forte, one of the great receiving backs in the league’s history, and throw it up to Marshall every once in a while. Probably too much man coverage with little to no help over the top on defense. Revis isn't what he used to be. Soften up the defensive backs and let them react to the ball while that monster front 7 they have can do what they do best, get after the quarterback. Very surprised Bowles has relied so heavily on Gailey's passing game so far this season... especially in today's NFL. We may have a year or two where it's not necessarily the elite quarterback that carries you to the promise land, but stout defense (2015 Carolina, Denver, Seattle) like the good ol' days.

Edited at 2016-10-27 11:48 am (UTC)
Alex McDonough
Oct. 28th, 2016 05:12 am (UTC)
Giants vs. Bengals
I'm eagerly awaiting the match-up between our two teams on Nov. 15th. Both teams had high expectations at the beginning of the season and are now under intense pressure to win games. I think both the Bengals and Giants are fighting for 'wild card' slot at this point. Should be a fun game to watch!


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