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This, That, and t'Other Thing

Another football Sunday has come and gone, with mixed results for yours truly.

The Giants won, hanging on by the skin of their teeth to defeat the Iggles of Brotherly Luv. Gifted with an early 14-0 lead by two Carson Wentz INTs, they still almost managed to blow it. Eli threw his own INT just when it looked as if Big Blue was about to put the game away, but fortunately the defense saved him. Biggest worry coming out of the game was an injury to Victor Cruz, which I hated to see. He's one of my favorite players. I hope he's back next week.

The Jets, meanwhile, managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. After trailing for most of the game, they seemed poised to take the lead in the fourth quarter, only to have Fitz throw a devastating pick in the end zone. Yet somehow they managed to get the ball back, and this time Fitz redeemed himself, tossing the go-ahead touchdown. But the joy did not last for long. On the ensuing kickoff, the Dolphins ran the ball all the way back for a TD, and that was that. Gang Green now has as many losses as they did all last year. The season is effectively over. Bryce Petty looked pretty good in the short stretch they had him in after Fitz got clocked. I hope we get to see more of him in the game to come. Much as I like Fitz, we have to start thinking about the future.

On other fronts...

The election still has me in a state of high anxiety. I am not sleeping well, and I think I check 538 about three dozen times a day, hoping for some good news. Tuesday cannot come fast enough for me. I think I speak for a lot of Americans when I say that I desperately want this thing to be over. It has been SO ugly. Come Tuesday night, I will either be relieved or suicidal. I think I speak for a lot of Americans about that as well.

Oh, and speaking of that: the Trump PACs have rolled out two new television ads in New Mexico this weekend. Both attack ads, natch. One is a cartoon with animated Bill and Hillary characters rolling up to the White House unpacking boxes of scandals. The other features an actress badly made up to be Hillary, in wig and pants suit, destroying phones and hard drives with hammers, drills, chain saws, and the like. Both ads are stupid and offensive, and both confirm and underline the main point I made in my "Simple Observation" post. Hillary's ads feature real footage of the real Donald J. Trump saying the things he really said. These Trumps ads, on the other hand, have to resort to cartoons and over-the-top impersonators because they can't actually find any real footage of Hillary saying or doing anything reprehensible, comparable to the stuff Trump has said.

I cannot possible imagine that any actual voters will be swayed by this stuff. "Hell, damn, I'm going to vote for Trump, did you see what Cartoon Hillary was doing?" But what the hell. Even Honest Abe admitted that you could fool some of the people all of the time...

I'm still excited about Emily St. John Mandel coming to the Jean Cocteau tomorrow. If you're in the neighborhood, come join us.

The crowds at Meow Wolf of late have been astounding. Since we first opened in late March, more than 300,000 people have visited the House of Eternal Return. It's become one of Santa Fe's premiere attractions, and I am so pleased to have played my small part in creating it.

Oh, and last night Parris and I went to see DOCTOR STRANGE at the Violet Crown (in part to escape the crowds seeing TRUMPLAND at the JCC). 'twas fun. As many of you know, I'm a Marvel fanboy from way back, and Doctor Strange was probably my favorite single character... well, him or Spider-Man, both drawn by Steve Ditko, whose art I loved. (I say single character because I always loved the group books as well, the FF and Avengers and X-Men). How much did I love Doctor Strange? Well, let me just say, one of the characters I wrote for the comic book fanzines of the 60s was called Doctor Weird, so...

The movie is NOT the best Marvel superhero movie, as I was hoping it would be... it's more middle of the pack, I'd say... but it looked great, did justice to the character, and had some scenes that were downright Ditko-esque. Of course, they had the obligatory Stan Lee cameo. Now, if they had managed to include a Steve Ditko cameo, that would really have been something. (Yes, I know, I know). I do hope that Ditko saw at least a little money out of this. He was a genius in his own way, and Doc would never have been half as interesting without Ditko's unique and idiosyncratic vision.


Nov. 8th, 2016 12:45 am (UTC)
George - I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on why you think each of these candidates wants to be president. (I'm writing this because I'm procrastinating doing my NaNoWriMo word farming for the evening, but I really would like to know!) Clinton, to me, seems to be genuine in believing that she's the best person for the job; she's been chasing it half her life, and while I don't agree with her proposed use of the military she does seem to have the interest of the people going for her. Trump, on the other hand, has been so humorously wealthy and famous for so long that Patrick Bateman was idolizing him back in the '80s. From everyone I've asked why they think he's running now - I live in the bizarrely blue city of Austin, Texas, so that's where this is coming from - I've heard that he's running for "more fame." That doesn't quite sit for me, though. Nobody's going to die any more or less happy simply because they're "famous enough," I think, but maybe I'm just naive (and un-famous, to boot.) You've dealt with the whole idea of why people are chasing power a lot in your books - do you have any thoughts as to why these people in particular are on the ballot chasing this power?

Also, despite being part of the demographic whose ability to marry is being threatened by many of the backwards people backing Trump, I won't be too depressed if he wins. I think that the main takeaway of this whole thing, 4-8 years from now, will wind up being a net positive. There's a lot of sudden outrage that neither party quite knows how to deal with, and this election really brought it to the forefront. I think that once the political machine identifies why people were feeling this way, it will move to sate whatever hunger it was that fueled this mudfest. When people (at large) are happy and fed, they tend to move back towards reason. I think the world has just been speeding up - in the internet/FOIA age, it's much easier to identify our issues, and once we're aware of them we want them fixed *and now* - and the political beast will realize it needs to cut some carbs from its diet if it wants to catch up. In the old days, tensions over slavery had to fester for generations before we could end it with so many deaths. Today, people lose their minds over email headers. So, naive as I am, I say that we shouldn't be too sad about what a terrible election it's been.


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