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More Wild Cards Coming Your Way!

John Picacio never disappoints, and neither does Tor.com and their amazing art director, Irene Gallo. We have a couple of brand new original Wild Cards story coming up on Tor.com, with John providing the illustrations, and Irene has just shared his cover for the latest, a Drummer Boy novelette from Stephen Leigh.

Here 'tis. Enjoy.

"The Atonement Tango" will be available -- for free -- on Tor.com on January 18 of the new year.

You don't need to wait quite that long for your Wild Cards fix, however. On December 21, Tor.com will upload another WC story, Carrie Vaughn's "The Thing About Growing Up in Jokertown."

And don't forget to check out the older WC offerings on Tor.com, some amazing original fiction by David D. Levine, Daniel Abraham, Cherie Priest, Carrie Vaughn, Paul Cornell, and Walter Jon Williams. You can find them all with a simple search, and read them all for free. The Recycler, Jonathan Hive, the Button Man, Earth Witch, the Understudy and Elephant Girl and the Sleeper, Pop Tart and Golden Boy... they are all waiting for you on Tor.com.



Dec. 8th, 2016 04:35 am (UTC)
An out of place question.
Hey George, sorry that this is out of place, and if you don't want to answer it I completely understand, but I was hoping I could hear your opinion on the film, Prometheus. The reason I ask you this is because the film asked a lot of deep questions and had some very creative premises, but also stumbled in some plot related aspects. As an aspiring storyteller and someone who wants to create pieces sort of similar in this approach I am really curious how you view this dilemma of asking these incredibly deep questions, but maintaining a solid plot that doesn't waver to much, or if you even believe there were truly problems. Personally I overall loved the film, I thought it brought a lot to the franchise and opened up a lot of interesting routs for the series to go, but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge what I consider some issues with the overall plot. I really just want to know your opinion, primarily from an educational standpoint. Thanks for reading.


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