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Wild Cards Take Chicago

New York City has been the center of the Wild Cards universe since 1946, when Dr. Tod met Jetboy in the skies over Broadway, and the Takisian xerovirus was unleashed upon the world. It's past time the Second City got its due. So I am thrilled to report that I've just turned in the latest Wild Cards mosaic novel: LOW CHICAGO, set entirely in the city on the lake.

This is the second book in what we're calling our 'American Triad' (MISSISSIPPI ROLL was delivered in October, and we're still hard at work on TEXAS HOLD'EM), and the twenty-fifth volume of the overall series... but no, it's not necessary to have read the first twenty-four to enjoy this one.

And it's a helluva ride, I think. The cast includes old fan favorites like Mr. Nobody, Double Helix, Abigail the Understudy, Golden Boy, Natya, John Fortune, John Nighthawk, Hardhat, and the Sleeper, but some exciting new characters will be on hand as well. Wait till you meet Meathooks, Birdbrain, and Khan.

The table of contents:
John Jos. Miller "A Long Night at the Palmer House"
Kevin Andrew Murphy "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Christopher Rowe "The Motherfucking Apotheosis of Todd Motherfucking Taszycki"
Paul Cornell "A Bit of a Dinosaur"
Marko Kloos "Stripes"
Melinda M. Snodgrass "The Sister in the Streets"
Mary Anne Mohanraj "A Beautiful Facade"
Saladin Ahmed "Meathooks on Ice"

I had a great time editing this one. Hope you'll all like it as much as I do.

And if you've yet to try Wild Cards, the world's longest-running shared world anthology series (thirty years and counting!)... hey, what are you waiting for!

No publication date for LOW CHICAGO yet, but you'll know as soon as Tor tells me.
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I know that this question is a bit off-topic but did you happen to catch last week's Westworld Season Finale? If so, what did you think about it?
Yes, of course I saw it. And yes, you're off topic. Please don't.
Is TOR going to release the "USA Triad" in Hardcover or Trade Paperback format? Regardless, you, Ms. Snodgrass and the co-op will have three guaranteed sales from me.
The originals are hardcovers, the reprints are trade paperbacks

Wild Cards has been one of my all time favorite book series. I bought Low Ball back in 2014 not knowing that it was book 22. I shelved it and spent the next year and a half reading up to it.

The Sleeper has been one of my favorite characters since we met him as a school boy. I am glad to see he will be more active in Low Chicago.

Is there any chance that we will hear from Dr. Tachyon and Mark Meadows/Captain Trips ever again or have they made their last farewells? Either way, thanks for giving me something to look forward too!
I couldn't help but notice your mood mood says accomplished. Is there anything you'd like to tell us George?!
Ah... did you read the post? I completed and delivered a book I have been working on all year. That counts as a considerable accomplishment in my view.

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Hey George, I'm not sure if you still remember me I'm Christopher Coyle. We met at Fandom II in Ottawa Canada. I wonder if you could spare a moment to reply to me, I see that I can't send you mail. I have a great true life story to tell you. Much like your Wildcards, thou true life. I remember our conversation those many years ago. I hope you do as well. p.s. Love the HBO show, as I knew, that I would. Go team! All the Best, Chris
Ah... I think you may be confusing me with someone else. I don't recall ever visiting being at Fandom II. When was this? I was in Ottawa once for the World Fantasy Convention, but that was... hmmmm.... god, that was 1984...

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I know this is off topic, but I hope it makes you happy. NY Giants beat Dallas Cowboys, 10 to 7. :D
Off-topic, I know, but for a brief moment on Sunday life was beautiful and full of joy, especially in the tri-state area
What genre would you say the wild cards novels are? Do they lean more towards science fiction, or suspense?
They're science fiction. If you want a subgenre, I suppose they count as "alternate worlds." Or "superpowers in prose," if that counts as a subgenre.

Mostly what they are is fun. The tone varies widely from book to book and story to story.
Always glad to see new Wildcards novels. Is there any plans for more audiobook releases? Congrats to you & the submitting authors for another addition to the Wildcards universe.
Yes, more audiobooks on the way.
Is Modular Man deceased now, (his inventor was killed, which I think means that Modular Man can not exist independently), or is there a chance he might return in a blaze of glory. I miss him.
This was a very quick turnaround since Mississippi Roll was handed in. Were they written and edited in tandem?

Either way, more Wild Cards is a great thing.

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