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Walter's Toolbox Opens Again

New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment, and the little mountain city of Taos is one of its most enchanting spots... and a great spot for aspiring authors to sharpen their literary skills.

Taos is where my friend Walter Jon Williams hold his annual "graduate level" writing workshop, the Taos Toolbox. There are a number of great workshops for writers just starting out -- Clarion, Clarion West, and Odyssey, to name three -- but the Toolbox is a little different, intended for writers who have already gone to one or more of those and maybe made a few sales. The next step in building a career in our genre.

This year's faculty includes Walter Jon himself -- author of DAYS OF ATONEMENT, HARDWIRED, The Praxis series, and many many more, and creator of Golden Boy, Modular Man, Black Shadow, and Gordon the Ghoul for the Wild Cards series -- and Nancy Kress. Guest lecturers and scheduled visitors will include E.M. Tippetts, Steven Gould, and myself (Walter has promised to buy me dinner).

Further information at http://www.taostoolbox.com

Taos Toolbox will make you a huge bestselling author. Or not. But what the hell, Taos is lovely, and the food is really really good.


Chatenay Tom
Dec. 15th, 2016 12:32 pm (UTC)
Hello mr Martin, it's off-topic but I noted that you mentioned your kindness to food several times.
As a cook I share that interest (to say the least), but as a French I have very few knowledge of american dishes beside the well-known ones as hamburgers, tacos...all of those coming in France by the industrial road ( It's getting a lot better tough, but it's still VERY hard to fine good american restaurants).

So I would be thrilled if you would be kindly enough to share your favorites new-mexican dishes, american cuisine has so much progressed in quality that it's become a shame to know so little about it.

All the same, thanks for your tremendous work both writing and supporting cultural life, I'm a fan for both of those ( Going to the Cocteau after a day at the ex-bowling is on my dreamed american journey schedule)


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