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Survived Another Xmas

Another Christmas has come and gone.

I have to admit, Halloween and Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays. Christmas has always been too stressful, at least since I became an adult (a long long time ago). But this year's was relatively mellow. I spent it at home with Parris, friends, and cats, and a good time was had by all.

There are things I like about Christmas, though. Watching Christmas movies, especially. A CHRISTMAS STORY is a favorite, and I also like to binge watch all the various versions of the Dickens classic CHRISTMAS CAROL. Alastair Sim, George C. Scott, Reginald Owen, Mickey Mouse, Albert Finney, Bill Murray... they all have their points, and it's fun to compare and contrast. On balance, I still think the Sim is the best of the adaptations. And when you cross over to the parody side of the ledger, there's nothing but nothing comes close to the Blackadder version.

This year we also watched FOOTLIGHT PARADE, which has nothing to do with Christmas but is a fun film. One of the last of the great pre-Code films, it's amazing to see how risque it is compared to what Hollywood would be making a year later and for decades to follow. And the musical numbers are unforgettable, especially Cagney in "Looking for My Shanghai Lil."

Anyway... merry merry to all my friends, fans, and readers out there. I hope Santa was good to you. At least those of you who were nice. As for those of you who were naughty.. come sit here next to me.


Kane Gregory
Dec. 27th, 2016 11:40 am (UTC)
RE: Merry Christmas George!
I do love the Muppets adaption. It probably has the the best Ghost of Christmas Present in any adaption. He just oozes joy, and you can't help but feel festive as he sings.

Also, happy to see George give a shout out to Blackadder! Brilliant show, that is a British classic, but many Americans haven't even heard of it, let alone watched it.

I would also like to see another year in review post. Last years was a great read, the only painful bit being that George felt he had let his fans down (he hadn't). However, I imagine writing another review could be quite emotionally taxing, so I would rather George does what makes him happy, and not feel obliged to talk about anything.


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