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Then There Were Two

Another week, another round of NFL playoffs.

Last week in the divisional round, we got two great games and two blowouts. I was hoping that this week's conference championships would give us more exciting contests, but no such luck. The Falcons ripped right through Green Bay and the Patriots obliterated the Steelers. Neither contest was even remotely competitive.

Not much to say about either game, really. Aaron Rodgers is amazing, yes, but he doesn't play defense, and the Packer D could not even seem to slow down Matty Ice, let alone stop him. And the Patriots... yeah, yeah, Brady is good, especially when you give him weeks to sit in the pocket unmolested and don't cover his receivers. I watched him complete pass after pass that seemed to be totally uncontested, with the receiver standing all alone and not a defender within yards.

Anyway, we have our SuperBowl: Patriots against Falcons.

Nothing much to say but GO FALCONS.

Meanwhile, I am thinking about next year's draft...



Jan. 24th, 2017 02:03 am (UTC)
Agreeing the Jets should draft corners in particular, and DBs in general. Everyone who plays fantasy football looks at them as among the best people to play WRs against every. single. week.

They are one of several teams who seem absolutely hopeless at QB, so they're gonna be competing w/Houston (a great team except at QB), Denver (a very good team except at QB and RB), and... some people who are substantially worse than the Jets (St Louis and SF off the top of my head).

If the Jets just want a temporary cheap stopgap QB who has proven he can play decently when circumstances align, they could try to get Hoyer or McKown maybe? No one likes them but they are both better than a lot of regular starters (and way better than anyone on the Jets this year; what the heck happened to Fitz? He used to be decent too, and the offensive line isn't THAT bad)


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