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Hugo Thoughts: Best Professional Artist

Hugo nominations are now open. You will have until mid March to make your nominations... however, if you were not a member of MidAmericon II, you have only today and tomorrow left to sign up for either That Finnish Convention (this year's worldcon) and/or ConJose II (next year's worldcon) to earn the right to nominate. Act now, or forever hold your peace.

A few days ago I posted a few recommendations for the two Dramatic Presentation categories. Today I'd like to offer a couple of artists for your consideration, staggering talents who did some outstanding work in 2016, and are more than worthy of nomination.

The first of them is MICHAEL KOMARCK, who has been painting our Wild Cards covers ever since Tor revived the series. He's done a bunch of other things too... check out his website... and he is doing the artwork for a Wild Cards graphic novel that is just going to blow your mind, but it's his recent Wild Cards covers that make me want to get up and dance. Here's some of his recent work.

Komarck has been nominated for the Hugo once before, but has never won. Here's some of his older Wild Cards covers. Amazing work.

I had the honor to work with another wonderfully talented artist this year as well: the French artist DIDER GRAFFET, who illustrated the 2017 Ice & Fire calendar from Random House.

There's lots more art in the calendar just as good. Grab and copy and see for yourself.

Of course, SF and fantasy are blessed with all sorts of extraordinary artists, many of whom have been Hugo winners or nominees in years past. John Picacio, Julie Dillon, Donato Giancola, Stephan Martiniere, and many more are worthy of your consideration as well. But any list of recommendations that does not include Komarck and Graffet is woefully incomplete, imnsho.


Jan. 31st, 2017 09:43 am (UTC)
Shared Universe
While we are on the topic of shared universes and your enormous experience/skills as editor, I have to ask a quick question, hoping for an answer.

Have you thought about Shared Universe of Ice and Fire, of course after finishing ASOIAF?

Some authors I followed recently finished their main book series, and then decided to retreat to the editor role while other people expanded their universe and wrote other storylines in that universe, which are only loosely connected to the main series.

You already did a similar thing with The World of Ice and Fire, and you could only loosen the grip in the future, since that could be unrelated stories, unlike TWOIAF, which was a part of the backstory very important to the main series and had to be meticulously crafted to provide additional layer to the main story.

That would be so much different from the fan fiction you dislike since you would get money and creative control while your characters probably wouldn't be even used.

Edited at 2017-01-31 09:44 am (UTC)
Jan. 31st, 2017 08:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Shared Universe
No, I have no plans to turn the world of Ice & Fire into a shared universe.


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