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Win One, Lose One

A strong, convincing win by the Giants today. Of course, it was against the Rams, and the Rams look truly pathetic so far this year. But then again, I thought the Skins looked wretched last week against the G-Men and this week they managed to upset the Saints, one of the trendy picks for this year's NFC title... so maybe it's the Giants making these other teams look bad, at least in part. Anyway, Eli Manning looked very sharp, the defense stuffed the run again and harassed the qb as if Strahan and Osi were still on the field (Justin Tuck looked awesome), and the three-headed running tandem of Jacobs, Ward, and Bradshaw is a real beast. So it's 2-0, and next week the Bengals come to town. So far, so good.

The Jets game, on the other hand... sigh....

Even without Brady, the Patriots still seem to have our number. As Tom Jackson said in the postgame commentary on ESPN, "if not now, when?" I have to wonder.

I blame the playcalling, at least in part. They're not letting Favre be Favre. Too much playing close to the vest, playing not to lose. Against the Patriots, you can't set up the pass by establishing a running game. The Jets should know that by now. Against the Patriots, you need to set up the running game with the pass, by stretching the field. And they should have gone after Cassel much more aggressively.

It was especially disheartening watching Lamont Jordan gash the Jets with one strong run after another, exactly the way he used to gash other teams when he was Curtis Martin's backup on the Jets. I always liked Lamont, and was sorry when the Jets lost him. I hate to see him in a Patriots uniform.

So... win one, lose one.

And beyond the Jets and Giants, there were some incredible games in the NFL this weekend. I've got to say, I'm glad I'm not a San Diego Chargers fan. Losing is one thing. Losing the way the Chargers lost these past two weeks would kill me. I thought the end of the Panthers game was amazing, but the finish of the Broncos game... aaargh...

And next week the Jets have to go to San Diego, where the Chargers will either be (1) reeling or (2) really fired up. Urk.


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Sep. 15th, 2008 05:10 am (UTC)
I don't think you have anything to fear from the Chargers. They're looking to start this year the same as they did last year...only without Merriman, Turner, Lorenzo Neal, and maybe L.T. :/
Sep. 15th, 2008 05:22 am (UTC)
The Giants looks like they could make a decent run at the NFC title this year the way they've been playing.
Sep. 15th, 2008 05:28 am (UTC)
I have Cotchery on my fantasy football team. Talk about disappointing.
Sep. 15th, 2008 05:51 am (UTC)
your right what kind of offense were the jets running. but when they had to throw the ball in the 4th they got a touchdown, and just when momentum turned the defense couldn't make a stop or bring pressure after doing it most of the game.
Big Brett Favre fan and packers fan. did you see Aaron Rogers??!!!!!!!
we give up a hall of famer and still have a great quarter back(take that chicago)
Sep. 15th, 2008 05:58 am (UTC)
I saw the end of the Jets and Patriots game. It was disheartening; I was hoping the Jets would pull it around there, but it felt like just when they got their act together, it was too late; they should have taken a bigger chance a lot quicker by getting some stronger passes in there.

I also felt like there was a disconnect between the other players and Favre; it seemed like he would pause and not be entirely certain for a couple seconds, like he is still learning where his fellow players will be and what they will do. It looked like he was a little confused out there.

I'm hoping they turn it around.
Sep. 15th, 2008 06:29 am (UTC)
Why the Giants Won
All is explained here.
Sep. 15th, 2008 09:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Why the Giants Won
How true. Reminds me of my brother's '86 Mets seat. From time to time I have to remind myself that the universe doesn't revolve around me (no matter what Joseph Campbell said). Now I have proof.
Sep. 15th, 2008 07:16 am (UTC)
Stupid Cardinals . . . :P That wasn't a good result for Miami. The defense was stumped by Arizona's passing game.
Sep. 15th, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
obviously not a personal slight to you, but i relished that beating. 2-0 for the first time since 1991? stoked!
Sep. 15th, 2008 08:22 am (UTC)
Favre dream?
Sep. 15th, 2008 12:36 pm (UTC)
Re: blog
Hee hee :)
Re: blog - mmepompadour - Sep. 20th, 2008 09:59 am (UTC) - Expand
Sep. 15th, 2008 10:55 am (UTC)
We Charger fans are used to it. After all, not only do San Diegans have the Chargers to help them get accustomed to losing, there's also the Padres. Plus the (non-existent) basketball team. When I moved to Manchester, UK, I found myself dispositionally hard-wired to be unable to support Manchester United! :-D
Sep. 15th, 2008 11:42 am (UTC)
It's funny how the same thing can leave people feeling so differently...I personally am elated at the Patriots-Jets game! All those people who laughed at me last weekend and told me the Pats were gonna get stomped...it's NOT just Tom Brady that made my team great, and we're not gonna go down without a fight!

Congrats on the Giants win anyway. :)
Sep. 15th, 2008 01:14 pm (UTC)
As much as I'd like to think otherwise (because I'm an Eagles fan) I think the Rams really are that bad although, the 6 (I think it was 6) sacks by the Giants defense were impressive. Our offense did better against them so it should be a good game when our teams play in November.

I was really sorry to see the Pats win. Thought for sure the Jets would be able to beat them.
Sep. 15th, 2008 11:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they ARE that bad. Most of St Louis will agree.
Sep. 15th, 2008 01:54 pm (UTC)
Tom brady was only able to do what tom brady does because of his team.

Just as Aaron Rodgers stepped into Favre's shoes in a great program and it continues to be great, Cassel is also stepping into a great team, where Favre, while admittedly great, is stepping into a team that has had problems.

The denver/san diego game... the ref's gave that game to denver. A possesion changing bad call that cannot be reviewed because of technical difficulties? I've never heard of THAT before. A fumble that was recovered by SD which WAS reviewed only since the ref was so hopped up and blew his whistle he wouldn't reverse the call on the field? because he'd blown his whistle? WTF...

Oh well, at least I have the rare oppurtunity of saying that my team won.
Sep. 15th, 2008 02:02 pm (UTC)
does a win against the rams even count as a win? that's like the yankees parading their win against the bad news bears.
Sep. 15th, 2008 02:39 pm (UTC)
As my username suggests, I'm a Broncos fan. And that was the best regular season game I've ever seen. I love Mike Shannahan. Go Broncos.

The Giants looked superb too, but the Rams look frankly terrifying...SIX interceptions for Bulger???
Sep. 15th, 2008 02:53 pm (UTC)
Why the hate?
Not to argue, but I think it's a pretty foolish statement to say that Tom Brady has accomplished what he has just because he had the team to back him up. Back in 2002 did Brady have the most talented team in the NFL? No. And what happened? The Pats still won the Superbowl, and Brady led them there. Yes, now the Patriots do have an incredibly talented team, but don't use that as a way to discredit Brady for being one of the best quarterbacks in the game today. I doubt we're going to have any issues of the Pats running up the score this year. Why? Because they don't have Brady, plain and simple. If anything, the Giants are going to be that team this year, especially if they keep playing the way they're playing right now and Eli keeps improving his game. I can't wait to see how the Pats will do against a better team. Cassel vs. Manning (Peyton) should be a fun one.
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