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Wild Card Blogs and Samples

A few odds and ends on the Wild Cards front...

For those curious about the history of Wild Cards development in Hollywood, Melinda Snodgrass has a new post up on the Wild Cards blog at http://www.wildcardsworld.com/its-a-long-and-winding-road/

Over at Tor.com, the Wild Cards ReRead is well under way, presided over by Katy Rask. They are discussing book one. Join in at http://www.tor.com/2017/03/02/wild-cards-reveals-a-dark-reflection-of-our-post-war-reality/

Meanwhile, on my own website, I've got a new sample up from the next Wild Cards original in the pipeline, MISSISSIPPI ROLL. Get a taste of "Wingless Angel" by John Jos. Miller; Carnifex and the Midnight Angel in New Orleans. You'll find it at http://www.georgerrmartin.com/wild-cards-excerpt/

Happy reading, aces.



Mar. 7th, 2017 04:05 am (UTC)
We have a Wild Cards reread happening too
On our Last Hearth forum. I'll check in to see what Katy Rask and company are doing though!

Jakub Turek
Mar. 7th, 2017 04:19 am (UTC)
Writer's Block
Hi George,

If you find yourself stuck on a particular spot in ASOIAF, do you work on Wild Cards instead?


Mar. 7th, 2017 06:34 am (UTC)
Re: Writer's Block
It's not that simple.

I have a lot of projects in progress at all times, and there are a dozen different factors that go into deciding what I will work on on any given day.

Also, Wild Cards is editing (I have written for the series, and hope to do so again, but just now I am too busy), which requires a whole different mindset than writing.
Itamar Widerker
Mar. 7th, 2017 11:00 am (UTC)
I'm glad for the Wild Cards news
I've been in a constant state of "Wait, why are they not all over this" for the last 8 years with Hollywood and Wild Cards. Considering how in superheroes are, and considering your stature in the current television world, I'd think everyone would be jumping on "Superheroes by the Game of Thrones guy".

I personally was really hoping for a movie with Gregg Hartmann until the recent election. I even imagined Andy Serkis taking up the mantle, though it may require a younger actor. However, the sort of deft political satire of five months ago is no longer possible. I'd still love to see what Melinda will make of this (assuming your involvement is minimal, as you're implying).
Raz Greenberg
Mar. 8th, 2017 06:11 pm (UTC)
The post about the never-made Wild Cards film was great
I really hope you can make the TV show happen this time around.
Just a thought - there's a list of unproduced scripts by you at the bibliography page on your website. Any chance we'll see any of them in print or on-line? Yes, "Doorways" made it to VHS (and here's hoping there'll be some digital release in the future), and got a comics adaptation, and you published the script on the Dreamsongs anthology, along with the "Road Less Traveled" script... but I would love to read (or even get a comics adaptation, "Doorways"-style) of the other stuff that's listed on that page as well. Because I thought that "Doorways" was just awesome on all formats - VHS, the printed script and the comics adaptation.


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