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PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY just broke the story here so now that we've gone public, I'm jazzed to be able to announce a huge new deal for WILD CARDS.

Our uber-agent, Kay McCauley of Aurous, has just come to agreement with the good folks at Tor for nine (yes, count 'em, nine) more volumes, a combination of old and new titles that will keep the series going until 2020, at the least.

Five of those titles will be reissues. Tor will be bringing out new trade paperback editions of volumes eight through twelve from the original series run: ONE-EYED JACKS, JOKERTOWN SHUFFLE, DOUBLE SOLITAIRE, DEALER'S CHOICE, and TURN OF THE CARDS, all of which have been out of print for more than twenty years (as the escalating prices on ebay have demonstrated). That quintet contains the first two solo novels in the run of the series. DOUBLE SOLITAIRE was a solo by Melinda M. Snodgrass, a space opera in the grand style starring Dr. Tachyon, Popinjay, Cap'n Trips and his friends, and the most despised villain in Wild Cards history, Blaise Andrieux. TURN OF THE CARDS was Victor Milan's solo outing, featuring Trips and friends. In between we have a full mosaic in DEALER'S CHOICE, the climax of the Rox War, with storylines by Edward Bryant (Wyungare, Cordelia, and Sewer Jack), Walter Jon Williams (Modular Man), John Jos. Miller (Carnifex), Stephen Leigh (Bloat), and yours truly (the Great and Powerful Turtle).

Before any of those three, however, we have ONE-EYED JACKS and JOKERTOWN SHUFFLE, volumes eight and nine, which set up all that follows. With those two, our intent is to add some new original never-before-published stories, just as we did with the reissues of volumes one and four, to sweeten the pot and turn the excitement right up to eleven. Stay turned for more news on that front.

In addition to the five reissues, Tor will also be releasing four new books in hardcover.

One will be a collection. FULL HOUSE will reprint all the of the Wild Cards stories that have appeared on the website, the first time any of those tales have been on paper. The table of contents will include work from Daniel Abraham, Cherie Priest, David D. Levine, Walter Jon Williams, Paul Cornell, Carrie Vaughn (x2), Caroline Spector, Stephen Leigh, Melinda M. Snodgrass... and a few more players to be named later. Watch this space for more details, and for more stories.

Last but not least, we will have three more originals. Assuming FULL HOUSE slips in there as volume twenty-seven, the new books will be volumes twenty-eight, twenty-nine, and thirty of the overall series. (Though, as ever, you do NOT need to read all the books that have gone before to read and enjoy the new ones.).

We're in very early days in planning the new books, so I cannot tell you much about them as yet... but I will share a few tidbits, so long as you promise not to hold me to 'em. (Things do have a way of changing in this game). One of the new books is going to be another solo novel, from a terrific writer we have not seen nearly enough of in WILD CARDS. Another one promises to take the action back into space. And the third will move the focus across the Atlantic, to the British Isles. To help us write that last one, we've added some exciting new writers to the madhouse that is Wild Cards. Wait till you meet their characters!

Oh, and for all our Wild Cards readers on that side of the pond... HarperCollins Voyager will be publishing the three new books as well, I'm pleased to announce, as well as the three books that precede them, MISSISSIPPI ROLL and LOW CHICAGO and TEXAS HOLD 'EM.

With the television show in development, the new web site, the reread going on over at, and all these new books in the pipeline, this is an exciting time to be a Wild Cards fan. (And we do hope that you will remember Wild Cards when making your Hugo nominations too!)

We can't die yet! We haven't seen the Jolson Story!
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These are great news! I had to skip these books because I couldn't get them.
will they also be published in e-book format, for kindle?
Glad to hear the announcement. Do you have a tentative schedule as to when the reissues are coming out or does it depends on extra chapters and what not?

Hope you have a good day Mr. Martin
Yes, depends on those added stories.
Is there any chance that just the new stories in these books will be available somehow, for people who have been clutching the original books protectively for all of these years?
Available separately, you mean?

Right now we just plan to add them to the books.
Well, fingers crossed that somehow there is a way to buy just the new stories eventually somehow, either as a collection (or several), or as individual stories. I'd be all over that :)
Any chance that we will get audiobook collected versions of the stories? I have the first two volumes and love them!
There are audiobooks already of volumes three through six. Seven is being recorded even as we speak.

We changed audio publishers, though. We're now with Random House Audio rather than Brilliance.
I know this is gonna sound weird, but don't worry about finishing ASOIAF.

You did your work, you started a beautiful garden and it grew into the mighty dragon that is GOT on HBO.

As one of your loyal reader since way back in the late 90s, I fell in love with your series in my teenage years. Grew obsessed with it. Hated the HBO show when it started because I perceived it would ruin something marvelous.

Then I became a writer.

Now, all I can think is the books are inflicting so much suffering on your creative soul. If you want to finish them, great! But do it on YOUR schedule and your time-frame. Your legacy is already cemented as one of the "greats".

You should be enjoying your life and finding meaning where you want it. Maybe that means dropping the ASOIAF non-sense completely and going to write sci-fi! What is so wrong with an author opening up a beautiful, intricate, amazing world and letting another form of media or other authors finish it?

I'm not saying whether you should or shouldn't finish the series. That's your own personal decision. I just want you to stop worrying about it so much! I can see how it weighs on your soul. You gave us fans something we cherished and brought us joy for decades at the low price of couple of bucks. You owe us nothing. We owe you and we should repay you by setting you free from the monkey on your back :)

This is very hard to write because I probably more than anyone want to see how you would conclude the series, but on the other hand if you went to go write hardcore sci-fi or another series entirely while letting others write in the ASOIAF universe with you consulting, I'm not entirely sure that's really so awful. Do what's best for you! I'm just giving examples of being flexible and adapting. Don't do what you think is "best" for the fans. You are not our slave!


A long-time fan and loving admirer of your work
Ok, you've all piqued my interest. I've read the short stories on Tor so I've just jumped straight in and ordered online. My goodreads challenge this year is 100 books and i'm 4 ahead of schedule so this series should keep me going!!
oh my goodness
This will leave Card Sharks to Death Draws Five still out o print. Is there any plans to reissue them in the future?
Deuces Down and Death Draws Five are still available. Your local bookstore can order copies thru Ingrams. Just ask.
And good news for all your friends and colleagues in the books. More exposure, more fans(customers)!

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