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Lovecraft in the Land of Enchantment

We had a great time last week when H.P. Lovecraft returned from the grave to visit us here in the Land of Yig Enchantment.

If you missed it -- shame on you -- well, it turns out that HPL recorded a couple of segments of his "Ask Lovecraft" YouTube series while he was here in town.

Seeing HPL at Meow Wolf was especially fun, since there are a couple of... ahem... decidedly Lovecraftian touches to be found in the House of Eternal Return.

If you ever get a chance to see Leeman Kessler perform as HPL, do catch him. It's the next best thing to a shuggoth on your doorstep.


Mar. 29th, 2017 03:16 am (UTC)
I just got through reading Lovecraft's essay on cats vs. dogs, in which I am informed my preference for dogs is a sign I am sentimental, superficial, have a preference for feeling over thought, value cringing obedience over aristocratic independence, and am otherwise representative of "persons of commonplace ideas—unimaginative worthy burghers who are satisfied with the daily round of things and who subscribe to the popular credo of sentimental values."

Said preference also means I am emblematic of the Oriental idealism and abasement which rotted Rome from within. I represent those forces and sentiments which lead to the subjugation and collapse of classical civilization under the fetters of Christian superstition, a herald of the long darkness of the Middle Ages and its centuries long decay into mawkish illusions of meekness and devotion. I am forever expelled from the ranks of the proud warriors and philosophers of the ancient world, or the bold and independent men of the Western Aryan type, who were assuredly all cat lovers.

All of this is a long way of saying, next time you see Lovecraft, tell him 'same to you, buddy.'

On the plus side, I learned some new words! When was the last time anyone referred to a cat as a 'Grimalkin'?


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