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Shame On You, United

I don't often comment on current events, but the story about the passenger that United Airlines beat bloody and dragged off a flight -- for no reason but to accomodate some of their own deadheading employees, and despite the fact that he had a ticket that he'd bought and paid for and was doing nothing but sitting peacefully in his assigned seat -- has me seeing red.

Jimmy Kimmel said it better than I could.

I stand with Jimmy, with Alan Grayson, and with millions of other ordinary Americans from coast to coast who were outraged by these videos, and by the mealy-mouthed corporate bullshit the United's CEO chose to offer afterwards.

One point Jimmy did not raise: in what world does an airline employee's need to get to his next flight take precedence over a doctor's need to return to his hospital?

The "police" who dragged the man off the plane and beat him do not deserve the name of police officers, and should be fired immediately. "They were just following orders" is no excuse.

The United CEO should also resign. He's a disgrace.

I am old enough to remember when airlines were regulated, and passengers had rights. But we deregulated the airlines, and now passengers are cattle. The present rule seems to be just what Kimmel says: do what we say, or else. You may have given us your money, but we owe you nothing.

And here's the cherry for your (bloody) sundae: United has also announced plans to begin charging passengers for carry-on luggage.


Scout Wellsrain
Apr. 13th, 2017 05:04 am (UTC)
How was Spicer inaccurate? Just curious. Seems to me his comment was pretty clear, Nazi Germany did not use chemical weapons in combat- though they easily could have- probably less due to the Geneva Conventions (which the Germans didn't respect on the Eastern Front in particular) than due to the German Chancellor's negative personal experiences with (I can't remember if it was mustard or phosgene) during the First World War. What Spicer said was technically completely correct. I'm no defender of the guy, but we're making ourselves look ridiculous with this throat-jumping, context-denying, hair-splitting, "look at us/gotcha" signalling. Obviously the guy knows the extermination narrative; and him not mentioning it in the context in which he was speaking was not at all technically incorrect.

We're supposed to be the fair-minded in all this nonsense, aren't we?

Off topic, but never mind that the likelihood of Assad doing what he is alleged to have done is about nil. Anyone knowing the geopolitics at play here, or who takes the time to research them, knew that instantly (when I first saw the gasping baby images, I thought "oh, here we go"). Trump had just announced we were backing off, Assad was winning the war, had ISIS on the run and just about had them BTFOed, and whatever else Assad is, he's not stupid. He would of course know what the international reaction would be to such an action, and such an action would in absolutely no way serve his goals and purposes. There are others, however, for whom the optics such an event would be extremely beneficial. Assad is not the type to snatch the proverbial defeat from slavering victory jaws. He's the most highly intelligent, anti-Islamist and savvy leader in the region (and the most "progressive" in comparison to his now mostly removed/erstwhile counterparts), who has led the region's most "diverse"- socially and religiously- nation for decades- women have more rights in Syria than in any other nation in the area (excepting Israel, of course)- for example- and he has been staunch in his opposition to the Sunni Fundamentalist Islamist terror cabal.

This last is the main reason the proudly evil, truly vile and openly criminal House of Saud hates him.

If people think things in Syria are bad NOW, wait til Assad is out and Al Qaeda/ISIS is running things. It will be butchery. Shia, Kurds, Sufis, Christians, Yazidis, Alawites (Assad's faith) and other syncretists- will all go literally under the knife. And this is why these elements in Syria love Assad so- he has at least - albeit in the region's characteristically brutal manner- kept the more extreme Sunni elements in line and/or marginalized, and thusly kept Syria from going the way of Iraq post American invasion. And strangely, I don't believe we'll be too concerned about any of that, as at least to all appearances, we're creating the conditions for an just such an Iraq-style radical Sunni/ISIS pogrom... so perhaps Assad's fall will end the "refugee" crisis. Since in order to be a refugee seeking succor in Europe from the "brutal civil war in Syria", you apparently have to be confirmed Sunni, a single male, 25 going on 15, and openly hostile to Western notions of civic responsibility, the flood may perhaps slow to a trickle as Syria becomes totally balkanized and the butchery reaches a scale heretofore unseen... Hard to flee when you're already beheaded, burnt, or raped to death.

But anyway. All that aside, this attack on Spicer was full cringe, juvenile and hysterical, and, again, nothing but manufactured outrage concocted by intentionally being context-blind. There are plenty of other- and far more legitimate- things to attack these guys on. This kind of stuff just makes me want to throw my hands up on the whole deal if we genuinely can't be better than the other side.

In order to posture from the moral high ground, you actually have to be standing on it. With these guys, it shouldn't be hard, so we shouldn't fall all over ourselves in the rush to signal- and we've been doing that an awful lot lately.


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