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The NFL Is Coming

The opening of the NFL season is only a few days away, and the New York Jets made headlines once again today by trading away Sheldon Richardson, one of the monsters on their defensive line, the strongest unit on the team. Gang Green's campaign to get rid of all of their good players continues, full speed ahead.

I know the Jets claim that they are not trying to lose all their games in order to get the first pick in next spring's draft and snag a franchise qb... but it sure as hell smells that way.

I have the feeling that I am going to be starting a lot of blog posts with "Life is miserable and full of pain" this fall, at least where the Jets are concerned.

All I can hope is that the Giants come through for me. If Eli and the offense and rise to the level of the D, Big Blue should kick some ass.

(I am going to leave comments open for this one, for those who want to talk football. ANY off topic posts will be deleted. Football only, please).



Peter Holmes
Sep. 3rd, 2017 01:55 pm (UTC)
RE: Re: I wish Colin Kaepernick was a better QB than he is
Great QBs are very difficult to find. My Eagles (who btw are going to kick your Gnats' butts) have invested everything into Wentz. He's very talented on many levels and they managed to finagle the 2nd overall pick for him. But it doesn't stop there. The Eagles have surrounded him with the coaching he needs and a good oline (as long as lane johnson doesn't get suspended again). This year they focused on fixing his receivers. Next year they'll likely take care of RB. They put the D in charge of an accomplished veteran so Doug can focus on wentz (Andy Reid did this too). Everything they do these days is about maximizing wentz. All this and we're still not totally sure if he's the guy to take us all the way. QB is such a hard position to get right. Jets will need luck and a bunch of other factors to come together.


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