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Emmy Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Emmy Awards. And especially to my friends at HBO, which once again led all other networks in number of nominations and number of victories.

It was a great show this year, I thought. Yes, even without GAME OF THRONES. Stephen Colbert made a terrific host. I especially enjoyed his opening number.

A strong lineup of nominees this year gave us some great winners... though, as always, that also means some equally deserving finalists wound up as losers. WESTWORLD especially was robbed, as was STRANGER THINGS. But it IS an honor just to be nominated, and the time will come for both of those shows, as it finally did for GAME OF THRONES. The big winners this year were Hulu's HANDMAID'S TALE (adapted from the novel by Margaret Atwood) and HBO's BIG LITTLE LIES (adapted from the novel by Liane Moriarity). ((Notice the common denominator there? BOOKS! Do a faithful adapatation of a great book, and you can't go wrong)). I was also pleased to see BLACK MIRROR get some love, especially for its brilliant "San Junipero" episode.

GAME OF THRONES, of course, was not eligible this year, having shifted from April to August. Which meant that, for the first time in seven years, I was not actually at the awards in LA. Instead Parris and I watched from home. It felt kind of strange not to be there, truth be told. Not bad, just strange. It was actually sort of relaxing. The Emmy weekend can be very exciting, but it is also exhausting, even the parties... the heat, the crowds, the noise. The red carpet seems to get longer (and hotter) every year. Maybe that's an ordeal that should be left for the younger and more photogenic members of our television community.

Will I be back next year, or the year after, or the year after that? Time will tell. Emmy is a fickle goddess who bestows her kisses where she will. But either way, I'm good.

((Comments on the Emmys welcome. Off topic comments will be deleted)).


Sep. 20th, 2017 08:35 pm (UTC)
San Junipero
An intellectual part of me didn't think San Junipero was in the upper echelon of Black Mirror episodes, not least because I sussed out what was going on in the first couple minutes (having read/heard nothing about it), and yet the fact remains that I wept openly in its closing minutes, so I have to cop to its emotional power. Even if I felt cheap and used.

I watch almost no TV by most people's standards, but for me Black Mirror exemplifies what great TV could be. Most "prestige television" is just glorified soap opera that fails as story-telling because of the open-ended nature of the big arc/series-spanning story. Having just wasted 55 hours on Boardwalk Empire, I'm pretty much vowing off anything that purports to be mostly about an overarching story that doesn't know how long and isn't writing to tell that story from Day 1.

GOT should, therefore be right up my alley, since it's rooted in books that were written from the start as a self-contained drama saturated by foreshadowing, but I was essentially done with it during season 2 and wholly done by season 3, as I think your showrunners interpret your books through the soap operatic lens I despise. Reading summaries of what's happened subsequently strengthens that impression. Of course, I suspect this is because they're (unwittingly?) doing ASOIAF: The Red Herrings, and that will ultimately be your greatest coup and legacy. But maybe I'm just another wine-sodden taleteller.


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