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Season's End

The NFL has wound up its regular season. Both of my teams had miserable years and are out of the playoffs. The Giants managed to win their final game, but thankfully the Colts won too, so the G-Men held on to the second overall pick in the draft. The Jets got crushed by the Pats, as usual.

Big Blue already has a new general manager and will be getting a new coach soon. I want a new Bill Parcells. Though I'd gladly take the old Bill Parcells if someone could coax him out of retirement. As for that draft pick, most of the mocks have the Giants taking a QB... but we still have Eli, and we don't even know what Davis Webb will be yet. I'd prefer to see them trade down for multiple picks, and maybe take that stud running back out of Penn State. Let Eli play another year and bring Webb along before bringing in another QB.

The Jets, on the other hand, should take Baker Mayfield if he's still on the board.

As for the playoffs, I don't much care. In the AFC, I will be rooting for whoever is playing against Evil Little Bill and the Pats. In the NFC, no strong preference, but maybe a slight inclination toward the Saints. Love the city of New Orleans, and Drew Brees has been a class act.

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Jan. 5th, 2018 03:07 pm (UTC)
I like the idea of trading down for more picks and more players to fill holes and provide competition. My Redskins have actually been doing a decent job of that post the RG3 debacle and its yielded some great players. Unfortunately, the mess with Kirk's contract means we are likely back to square one on the franchise QB front.

Since I've lived in Charlotte for many years, I've got to pull for the Panthers, but I would also be happy to see the Rams do well. Don't really like the owner, but Sean McVay (formerly with the skins) has been a revelation as a Head Coach. Lastly, the Vikings are an intriguing story this year so they're 3rd.

On the AFC side, I share an alma mater with the head coach so I'm pulling for the Steelers with a sentimental cheer for the Bills as well.

Happy New Year George. I hope you have a great 2018!


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