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Dark Sword Miniatures

Here's a shout out for all the painters and wargamers and miniatures collectors reading this. Dark Sword Miniatures has released its second set of miniatures -- "Wave 1.5" -- in the "George R.R. Martin Masterworks" line, with some great sculpts by Jeff Grace and Tom Meier. Check out the Dark Sword website at for a look at some painted versions of the new wildlings and gold cloaks.

And speaking of the minis, I've been meaning to post pictures of some of the winners in the painting contest Dark Sword sponsored earlier this year at GenCon. Sorry to take so long about it, but with Spain and Portugal and worldcon and all the work sense, I lost track. But better late than never.

Here's the first place winner, a double diorama of Melisandre and Cersei back to back.

And here's one of the runners-up, another take on Cersei.

I have been known to paint a miniature or two myself from time to time, but I can't even come close to these. It's amazing what a really good painter can do with a brush.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the look, whether you're into miniatures or not. I'm going to leave comments open this time... but please, stay on topic.
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